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Game Review

Cat Cave – Mobile Game Review

June 29, 2016 Other Writers

Cat Cave – Mobile Game Review Cat Cave: Attack of the Batworms is a simple, straightforward little mobile game made by the small indie games development team Astire Games, based out of Austin, Texas. This [Read More]

Suicide Squad the new 52 DC Comics #3
Comic Books

Another day in Comic Book land

June 14, 2016 Matthew Blaine

Oh Yes! A Comic Book Day Out It’s just another awesome day at WoodBangers Entertainment, spent the morning with some of The Woodies on our stream at WoodBangers.Tv. Of course after “The Morning Wood Show”, [Read More]

Movie Review

Cell (2016) – Movie Review

June 13, 2016 Matthew Blaine

Cell (2016) – Movie Review Movie Review – Cell (2016) is quite possibly the worst film made in more than a decade, even worse than The Expendables. I’ve always known that movies can be good, [Read More]