This 3D physics based puzzle just launched on Steam!

Asteroids Minesweeper
Asteroids Minesweeper Redux is definitely not your typical old school minesweeper. We took the classic game and added some twists and turns that will challenge even the most knowledgeable of physics- based champions! You work as a teleworker at Abstract Space Industry Corp to mine asteroids… but things happen to go terribly wrong! Now you’ll get to experience minesweeper in a whole new light; play in a three dimensional world with complex game changing rules. You’ll get to discover new effects and abilities in order to trim an asteroid. But be careful, don’t get lost while orientating in a full 3D environment of explosive mines!

Game Features:

  • Tutorial levels
  • Randomly generated levels for infinite replay
  • Levels with a cubes vertical counter, for deeper reflection of mine location
  • Levels with mines moving from one cube to another, will you accept the challenge?
  • Levels with matching/entangled cubes, which have the same state!

Other Characteristics:

  • Designed to work for PC or Tablet
  • For all you hackers and programmers the game is fully moddable! The game uses a new version of the Loving Cube Engine (, and can be modified by simply editing Lua files.

Steam Store Page

Developer: Francois Braud

Publisher: Black Shell Media

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