4 days until Suicide Squad woot!

August 5th 2016 is a day I’ve been waiting for, the movie I’ve been dying to see “Suicide Squad” will be in theaters and we will be in line with bells on; literally. I’ve been in the process of getting bells for my shoes to make that idea possible lol. For anyone that doesn’t know what Suicide Squad is (must be locked in a basement somewhere) can see the movie details below. Those of you who are antsy about the release, the day is coming quick and we’re excited.

Over last few months we have been collecting every Funko Pop Toy, comic and graphic novel; everything we can on this movie. Each day as it gets closer all we can say is if this movie isnt as good as they have promoted it, then forever down with Hollywood’s film industry. If the movie is a flop then we will most certainly stop supporting American released films, yes we’re serious. So many great films promoted and when you go to see them it turns out to be over marketed crap; it’s time that something good actually comes out and this best be it.

Woot! I’m excited, and I certainly hope the film is a success.


Suicide Squad (2016)

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt1386697″ detail=”poster_image” width=”320″ height=”470″ link=”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1386697/”]

Our Most anticipated Movie!
Plot: [imdb_movie_detail title=”tt1386697″ detail=”plot”]
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Producers: [imdb_movie_detail title=”tt1386697″ detail=”producers”]
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