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Over the past few weeks we’ve been spending less time at our desk and more time outdoors, when the coding is over we just simply turn the computers off. Over the last few decades we’ve spent 14-18 hours a day at our desks working for a client after client and then of course when the work was done we’d spend the rest of our time PC Gaming; times have changed.

PC Gaming has always been a passion though with the open world chatter it’s turned gaming into headaches. Let’s take Overwatch, for example, if you play Overwatch via PC then you’ve noticed the wide use of players using in-game hacks, aimbot, health hacks, and on top of that the chat is filled with hate speech. Some of the things said in the chat on Overwatch should certainly have huge penalties though nothing ever comes of it. It’s impossible to launch a PC Game that has Open world chat (General) that isn’t filled with such disgust that it’s impossible to want to play the game anymore. We’ve always said that if something isn’t enjoyable then it isn’t worth our time so of course the gaming side of things have slowed as we’re not gonna waste our time to promote games during a time when gaming is no longer enjoyable.

We spend a lot of time helping to create games, apps, websites, and other software, so after this type of work it’s better for us to go and relax; outdoors it is. We have been checking out a lot of the new films though very few have caught our attention, so many movies using the same story with different characters and scenery have flooded the movie scene that it’s hard to find anything original or good anymore. I can say that Thor: Ragnarok was an awesome movie, finally a film that had over marketed itself that was actually good. The year 2017 for film has been probably the worst in Box Office history with such a cluster of horribly made movies, at least we got about 8 movies this year that are fair to watch. Now back to the outdoors……

We’ve been spending all of our time possible outside, either riding our mountain bikes or out walking to support charities. Since August 13th, 2017 we’ve ridden our Mountain bikes 1200 plus miles, and we’re in the process of picking out new road bikes. “Woot!” Now that the colder months are upon us here in Arizona, riding bikes has become a lot easier to manage with the lower temperatures and of course we’ve scheduled our Snowboarding trip which we’re doing this month. A few days in a ski resort can make all the pain go away, lol.

Now some of you know that I’ve been tending to some pulled muscles and have been going to physical therapy for my shoulder, things are going better and it didn’t slow me down too much from riding my bike; though the last few days some kind of illness or cold has slowed me for a moment. The last 3 days I’ve attempted to go out to ride and came right back indoors due to feeling sick, the last few weeks I’ve been having a day or two that I felt like this though I went anyway. I’m thinking a winter cold is coming on so I’m trying to treat it and workout in our gym, hopefully, I’ll be able to ride in the morning; it is getting a little easier. Now back to snowboarding…… “we can’t wait to get there”!

We will share some videos and a ton of photos from the slopes (on our Patreon) as we spend a few days snowboarding this month and enjoying our first vacation this year. We’ve been planning this trip all year and are very excited. Now speaking of Patreon…..

On the 15th of this month, we will be doing our monthly give away to the “Supporter” level Patreons and this month it’s a handmade scale log cabin treasure box. Annika and I have been making it for a few weeks and it is almost done, we’re excited to see who gets it.


Time to get somethings done around here for the day, thanks for reading.

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