Advertise with WoodBangers Entertainment

We’re in the process of doing away with Google Adsense within our website’s in order to allow the right advertisers to be displayed. Over the years we’ve built a wonderful relationship with Adsense though no matter how much we deny an ad due to content not relevant then another ad that isn’t relevant takes its place listed in a topic that is. The point is we spend way too much time monitoring the ads within our site that we should be bothered with.

Our goal is to allow ads to display that are relevant to our audience so the right places may be found, so in doing this we’re opening up our advertising for those who have interest. If you have an interest in advertising on our sites here at WoodBangers Entertainment we are happy to help to get you started. Contact us today to get started.

Ad sizes welcome:

  • Responsive
  • 728×90 banners
  • 300×600
  • 428×60

Ad types welcome

  • Image ads
  • Video ads

Content type welcome

  • Music related
  • Movie related
  • Game related
  • Comic related
  • Anime related
  • Small Business