Age of Wulin’s “Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets” goes live tomorrow

Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets includes 2 new factions, 2 new areas, many new skill sets and internal skills.

Seoul, Korea – 17th October, 2016 – WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, announced that the martial arts MMORPG Age of Wulin will release its new expansion Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets on 18th October, 2016.

Age of Wulin is a free-to-play sandbox game with over 400 skills to learn. The competitive and strategic open PvP system of the game makes it a unique martial arts experience. Among the features of Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets are 2 new factions, many new skills and much more to be revealed.

Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets will implement two new factions that will allow players to uncover the ancient secrets of the Jianghu. This new expansion includes a new unlocking quest for the whole server which will allow the players access to the content. Once this quest is completed, new stories will be made available to allow players to join these new factions.

The first new faction, the Ancient Tomb Sect, complements the existing Wudang school. The faction allows players to discover the depth of the Wudang philosophy and learn new skill sets, such as the Heaven Sword Script. It will also grant them access to their very first Dual Lightness Skills, where jumping and dashing in the air will now be possible with a friend.

The second faction is the Blood Sabre Clan. Linked to the Royal Guards, it will feature a new martial art where blood will be a source of power. The Coffin, a new item that collects the blood necessary for using the skills, will be given to players joining this faction. New gameplay surrounding the Coffin will make the already numerous possibilities of Age of Wulin even more impressive.

More information on Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets will be revealed on the officialAge of Wulin website:

About Age of Wulin
Age of Wulin is a ground-breaking free-to-play, open world MMORPG set in Imperial China. Being a skill-based sandbox game, Age of Wulin offers players massive freedom regarding the choices they make, how they play and the skills they master. With currently over 400 skills to learn, the competitive and strategic open PvP system of Age of Wulin is deep, dynamic and vibrant. Freedom of choice is a theme that runs throughout Age of Wulin as players can choose their sect, guild, profession and whether they wish to live a life of good, evil, or simple neutrality. A massive blockbuster in China, with over 70 game industry awards won, Age of Wulin now officially welcomes players to their European server!

Webzen Inc. (KOSDAQ) is a global developer and publisher of MMORPGs MU Origin, MU Online, CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9), the METIN series and an array of exciting game titles slated for release in the global game market.
WEBZEN has expanded its service to Europe, North and South America and other countries by operating its global game portal with 60 million players from all over the world. WEBZEN is currently working on the releases of PC MMORPG MU Legend and mobile golf game Shot Online M, amongst other game titles. Further information on WEBZEN and its games can be found .

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