Air Missions: HIND – Campaign missions finished!

Kosice, Slovakia – December 15, 2016, 3DIVISION today released a update with three final campaign missions for their action combat flight simulator Air Missions: HIND.  Besides of new missions, a update brings 2 new playable DLC helicopters Mi-8 Hip and Mi-28 Havoc. All three DLC helicopters (including Ka-50 Hokum released earlier) are now playable in most of campaign missions.

DLCs are available free for all who support(ed) game during Early Access! 3DIVISION is thankful for early support and all players who already purchased Air Missions: Hind get the DLCs for free, also players who purchase until end of 2016 will get the DLCs for free.

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All three new missions taking place behind arctic circle. First one is about attacking the fleet of tankers floating through dangerous waters with icebergs. Second mission is for lovers of door gunner – objective is clear the oil platform from enemy, with mentioned weapon. But, because it is one of latest missions, it will be not so easy, there are many gas tanks ready to explode and ignite entire platform, you intend to capture, like a torch. Third one is about allied submarine need you escort through the dangerous area of frozen Yuzny Island.

Air Missions: HIND is an arcade combat flight simulator based on the Russian Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter, also known as the “Flying Tank”. Players can mount any weapon which this versatile helicopter could carry – from UPK 23 machineguns, to GUV gun pods and FAB bombs, to a variety of guided and unguided self-propelled munitions. Among many other features, the game offers a variety of single- and multiplayer modes, three control modes, and 15 campaign missions.

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3DIVISION is an independent game-development company based in Slovakia, with more than 10 years of operational history. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers (2012) and Air Missions: HIND (2016) are theirs latest action combat simulators. Title from 2015 – Foosball: World Tour focuses on a casual gaming audience. More information at ;

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