Had an amazing time at Phoenix Comicon

Critical_Threat at Phoenix Comicon
Phoenix Comicon 2016

Hey Gang! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, and to let you know; we’re sure having a blast. It’s been 113 degrees plus out here though in between our beyond over worked lives we managed to make it out to Phoenix Comicon, and we couldn’t have done it without our awesome SponsorSinister Guitar Picks“. Oh yes, we made it there and everything was perfect.

During out 8 minutes drive to the Phoenix Convention Center, we enjoyed the loads of Cosplay we saw from every angle within our view while we got into the parking garage on 1st. The number 1 thing that we enjoy the most about Comicon and things related within this field is you rarely run into “stupid”; though sadly we did hear of the “Hypocrite Church Groups” raging about gays, and gamers (such idiots, you’d think they’d read their good book before preaching the opposite of it); other than those idiots the day was awesome! We went inside to grab our tickets, the wait wasn’t long at all considering how packed it was, every turn was a friendly face as everyone was either taking photos or greeting one another.

We went straight into the comic and toy area to see who we could meet, and of course what toys and comics we could buy. It was pretty much standing room only, shoulder to shoulder though everyone chatting with each other even while packed like sardines. We had some awesome conversations with local and international comic and toy creators, and we had a wonderful experience at Phoenix Comicon.

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