Apogee Software Teams Up With Mad Unicorn Games, Kickstarter Ensues

Apogee Software Teams Up With Mad Unicorn Games, Kickstarter Ensues

Monday, August 29th, 2016– Apogee Software fights its way to the top with a Radical comeback, partnering with Mad Unicorn Games and Zettabyte Marketing, and announcing their next title:  Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis™, a crazy, chaotic Brawler game that plays homage to several IPs from the 1980’s and 1990’s. In addition to the new partnership, Mad Unicorn Games and Apogee Software are announcing a Kickstarter for  Radical Heroes™, starting today.

Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis™ brings a fresh take on the “Retro” genre of video games with 2.5D beat ‘em up and brawler action, an awesome story, and insane, chaotic gameplay. Taking homage and inspiration from  River City Ransom®,  TMNT®: The Arcade GameStreets of Rage™, and  X-Men®, Radical Heroes pushes you along to fight for your life, while making your way through maze-like city levels.

Radical Heroes follows the premise that the levels are playsets and your characters and everyone you come across are action figures. Each of the six levels are a different playset, and you can find over 40 total playable characters throughout the game. Every level ends with a major boss fight, and every boss or enemy is unlockable! You are Diesel, a bald, hulking every-man looking for the reasoning for the sudden influx of crime in the city. He fights through the first Playset to take down the end boss, the notorious Maniac. As the story progresses, Diesel makes his way to the heart of the city, where he finds out that there’s more at play than just crime.

The Doyle Brothers of Mad Unicorn are a small indie developer that have partnered with both Apogee (for publishing) and Zettabyte MPR (for PR/marketing). They’ve decided to kick away from the norm and have created their own Engine, dubbed the “Super D-Tek”, to run the game, as well as any other projects they bring to the table in the future. “Radical Heroes ™ is our heartfelt love letter to games from the 80’s and early 90’s,” Noah Doyle, President of Mad Unicorn Games explained, “We partnered with Apogee because we know they have tons of experience with that era of gaming and can really do this right!”

Terry Nagy, Chief Creative Officer for Apogee Software spoke about his high hopes for the Indie sect of the gaming industry, “Apogee’s legacy is working with new talent to bring potentially great products to market. When we saw Mad Unicorn Games and  Radical Heroes we knew instantly that this game had the potential to be great,” he continued, “This combination of 3D environments meeting 2D gameplay in a Retro graphical setting makes  Radical Heroes a must play for any serious gamer.”

In addition to the partnership, Mad Unicorn Games is pumping up for a Kickstarter to finish  Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis. As the game is mostly done, they’re asking for just enough to get the final push to finish the game in a timely manner. Jesse Collins, CEO of Zettabyte Marketing who is doing the marketing push for Radical Heroes, discussed the needs of the Kickstarter, “It’s been an honor to work among Apogee and Mad Unicorn on, what I believe is, a fantastic game. We sat down and figured out exactly what we needed to succeed in getting  Radical Heroes  out there right, and a Kickstarter was the best bet. We’re only asking a little bit because we hope to have this game out as soon as possible!” The Kickstarter can be found at:  http://bit.ly/radicalheroes

About Apogee Entertainment, LLC d/b/a Apogee Software


Apogee Software is a privately held Texas company, with a core team of industry experts in game development, publishing, and distribution. Apogee builds franchises around original IP, publishing content for retail and digital distribution on next-generation consoles, the PC, and mobile platforms. Apogee’s amazing history includes the original releases of Commander Keen™ (1990),  Duke Nukem™ (1991),  Wolfenstein 3-D™ (1992),  Raptor™ (1993),  Rise of the Triad™ (1994), and  Rise of the Triad™ (2013), just to name a few.

About Mad Unicorn Games


Mad Unicorn Games is composed of the Doyle Brothers who work during the day, and battle programming bugs at night. Their  Super D-Tek Engine is a homebrew coded engine that can handle a wide multitude of game types.  Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis™ is their first major release, to be published by Apogee Software.

About Zettabyte Marketing, PR, and Communications


Founded by Jesse Collins, Zettabyte is dedicated to enriching the lives of indie developers, by helping small time devs get a foothold in the industry through proper marketing and public relations tactics, or even through digital keynotes. He believes that no game is too small. Just because a game isn’t the AAA title of the century, doesn’t mean your next title won’t be. Newcomers to the industry need to be nourished and accepted. Jesse brings with him nearly a decade of experience and hopes to help the industry grow with his expertise.

River City Ransom is a registered trademark of Million Co., Ltd.

TMNT is a registered trademark of Viacom International, Inc.

X-Men is a registered trademark of Marvel Characters, Inc.

Streets of Rage is a trademark of Sega of America, Inc.

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