Approved for launch on consoles and Steam, Between Heartbeats could use your support on Indiegogo!

Between Heartbeats is now live onIndiegogo!
GRIMSBY, Lincolnshire, July 18th 2016 – New Games Studio Blimbu Games are launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo on July 25th to help fund their debut title: Between Heartbeats. The company have set out to raise £10,000 to cover the cost of additional software and office space to assist their production efforts.
The game has already been approved for launch on consoles and Steam. You play as a microscopic robot duo, fighting off hordes of viral spores inside the body. From the rush of blood in the veins, to the winding expanse of the brain, the inside of the body has never been seen from this angle before.Adopting a fluid camera system that shifts the perspective of play between side on, top down, and third person, Between Heartbeats will give gamers a dynamic gameplay experience with each level they tackle.

Project Lead Jake Willey feels that “Between Heartbeats is a “greatest hits” of shoot em’ up video games”. The development team grew up playing multiple shoot em’ ups, and their design choices are clearly molded by nostalgic influence.

Between Heartbeats is scheduled to launch on Xbox One and PC via Steam this November. PS4 and Wii U ports are scheduled for soon after, however this could be brought forward in the event of stretch goals being met via Indiegogo. Early supporters of the Indiegogo campaign can secure a copy of the game on their chosen platform for a discounted price via an “Early Bird” backer reward.

Play the Demo Here!

  • Control both Cecil and Egor at the same time, combining their individual skills to overcome the toughest of foes!
  • Visit different locations in the body, each with their own unique aesthetic and environmental obstacles.
  • Upgrade Cecil and Egor with budget gained from level successes, giving them new abilities and upgrading their existing ones.
  • Dynamic camera systems that change the perspective of play on the fly, giving players multiple experiences within the same level!

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