ARISE – The Cloud Company – E-Juice Review

ARISE – The Cloud Company – E-Juice

Arise has a similar taste to mother’s milk. This is an adv (all day vape) for sure. The taste is clearly of strawberries like the original mother’s milk but has a smoother bite when you inhale almost like creamy strawberry shortcake. With the VG being high, it allows this juice to give you a nice cloud hence The Cloud Company. Pip’s products are well-deserved recognition with a trademark that comes out in every exhale. The use of strawberry flavors that she uses can be almost addicting. Arise can be used all day no problem and is smooth and creamy to the taste buds. As it says, if you are a fan of Mother’s Milk, you will enjoy this juice.

The Suicide Bunny’s Description: Birthed by the much-loved Mothers Milk, this twist on the original maximizes smoothness and VG for great performance and flavor, cloud after cloud.

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5 out of 5 star Rating

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