Asgard Rift: Battle Arena for iOS – Game Review

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena for iOS – Game Review

I’ve been sort of absorbed this morning due to a new app game “Asgard Rift: Battle Arena” that I’ve been playing. It is a free-to-play mobile game on the ITunes and Google Plays stores, that was made by the awesome people at Mangatar. This morning started out horrible because our internet service provider was failing in their duties to provide the proper services we’ve been paying for since the day we moved to Arizona. So during my offline waiting this morning, I decided to load my TestFlight app to take this new game for a test drive: “IT’S THE BOMB!”…

At first glance the artwork drew me in and I felt that the character design was very fitting. The play style made me reminisce on Hearthstone and Galaxy of Heroes in some of its similar styles but that is where the similarities ended. Asgard Rift: Battle Arena has its own unique design and playing style; I have found it to be a SUPER addicting game. I love the graphical effects when performing actions; the sounds also go perfectly. Is this a game that I’d play often? Well duh.. lol, This is an amazing game!

I played through the tutorial and found it to be very easy to understand and navigate through; it helped me learn how to properly play right off the bat and I was super excited to play once I was in Battle Mode. While first trying out the Battle Mode I was actually nervous: typically I’m used to getting my ass handed to me in a new games but thanks to the tutorial, I was properly prepped on how to play the game. AND I WON!!! Woot! It was victory after victory, but just when I was starting to get a Big Head and over confident in my abilities…. I got my ass handed to me. Not a game to under estimate, because while it is indeed a fun and addicting game, there is still enough challenge in there to keep me from getting to full of myself and thinking that the game is just child’s play. Lol. Seriously, this game is fun. Its system was very well thought out during development and it shows while playing the game; every piece of its creation fits in well and I cannot wait for its official launch.

Rating (1-5 stars): 5 Stars

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Game Description: Battle Arena is a tactical card game with awesome characters to collect and evolve. Explore an exciting epic universe, battling other players in real time. Create your strategies by leveraging fighters with unique skills and special attacks. Enjoy breathtaking matches and earn amazing rewards. Collect gorgeous chests with extraordinary cards and powerful runes to upgrade your fighters. Unlock new arenas for more fun!

Game Studio: Mangatar

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