Asgard Rift: Battle Arena goes into soft launch in Italy and UK

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena goes into soft launch in Italy and UK

30 Aug, 2016 – Milan

Mangatar announces the soft launch of Asgard Rift: Battle Arena for iOS in Italy and the UK.

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena is a tactical card game with awesome characters to collect and evolve. Already available as a beta on Google Play Store, Mangatar’s latest title is ready for a new phase of testing which will be focused on leveraging the gamers’ feedback and fine-tuning the game experience.

The Mangatar team aims to unlock the full potential of Asgard Rift: Battle Arena in its global launch during Q4 2016.

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena is a tactical card game with awesome characters to collect and evolve. Explore an exciting epic universe, battling other players in real time. Create your strategies by leveraging fighters with unique skills and special attacks. Enjoy breathtaking matches and earn amazing rewards. Collect gorgeous chests with extraordinary cards and powerful runes to upgrade your fighters. Unlock new arenas for more fun!


About Mangatar
Mangatar s.r.l is based in Milan with an R&D lab in Salerno and a marketing office in Pescara. The company structure is made up of four founders, Digital Investments S.C.A. Sicar and Fi.R.A. (Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese). Mangatar is a gaming company and publisher, focusing on casual and mid-core games.

The Smart Publishing Hub is a network supporting developers, artists and indie teams to develop casual and mid-core games on mobile, PC and connected TV platforms.

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