Asteroids Minesweeper – Steam Game Review

Asteroids Minesweeper

Asteroids Minesweeper Steam Game Review

Asteroids Minesweeper is something I’m actually surprised hasn’t been created yet: a 3d version of the old Windows game Minesweeper. Or if it has, it has flown under the radar or came out at the wrong time. I used to enjoy playing Minesweeper from time to time whenever I could get on my dad’s old computer or whenever I’d go hang out at his work with him and there was a spare computer I could hop onto. What kid who grew up in the ‘90s didn’t play it? At least of those exposed to computers and gaming. It took a little getting used to, since it is 3d, and I still sometimes accidentally click the wrong button when meaning to clear a mine, and instead explode it, but I fucking loved this game. It is just straight up 3d Minesweeper. It makes you think a bit more than the old one because it has that extra dimension the old 2d version for Windows never had. So it is a bit trickier, but all the more rewarding. You WANT to win, you HAVE to win. You can literally get sucked up into this game and lose track of it trying to beat a level. It is addicting in the same way the old one was:


Game going smoothly, only a couple mistakes, but still more chances and everything is going great. Oh crap… I didn’t realize that block was there, threw my count off! YES! Almost there… getting so close now. FUCK!!! Misclick!!! I was so close to winning this time too! I only had a couple more to clear. Restarts level and goes at it again.


And that feeling when you DO win, the feeling is awesome. There is no timer; you get 5 chances: misidentify a block as a bomb when it isn’t or explode a bomb, you get a strike. 5 strikes and that’s it, better hope no more misclicks or misidentifying of blocks. There is level progression here too. Not just the same thing over and over. You actually progress through different levels as you succeed on clearing one. AND best reward at the end: you can start creating custom levels once you clear through all the in-game levels. I played for a couple hours, the first of it with my son watching and he found it intriguing. He’s seven, so he did grow bored watching me play it. LOL But even he got a basic grasp at it and was helping before his little seven year old brain decided there wasn’t enough there to keep him focus; he’s a kid, can’t expect much. But the fact he was into it for that first hour and helping me and getting excited when we’d clear one, speaks a lot for the game. Oh, and as a little side note, there is a simple little story line tacked onto the game; while it isn’t necessary for a game like this, I do love that tiny little touch the developer put in there. That’s why it is called Asteroids Minesweeper: you are a tech working from an offsite location, clearing mines from asteroids so the asteroids can be harvested for their materials (the clean blocks). There are also 10 Steam Achievements with this game, for those that like to get the achieves for games. I love this game. Simple and a bit of nostalgia; it will stay installed for when I want to come back to play it some more once in awhile. If you enjoyed the old minesweeper back in the day, and want a bit of a challenge, then pick this game up. The music is nice too. A lovely ambient soundtrack that helps you stay relaxed, or at least not get too stressed as you get to that point of “oh shit… what’s my next move” in the game because you have a ton of numbers staring back at you and your brain is trying to work out which blocks might have the bombs and which are safe and you only have one more chance left. Good hunting!!!


Asteroids Minesweeper is an indie game for PC recently released on Steam by the indie developer Volatile Dove. Volatile Dove is the name that François Braud has given his site and private little game development endeavor. He already has had a handful of indie games under his belt before this one; you can find them in the Itchio link on his person site (link below). He is also working on a couple other projects right now. To find out more about him, his projects, or Asteroids Minesweeper, check out the links provided below.

Personal Rating:  5 stars out of 5

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Game: Asteriods Minesweeper

Developer: François Braud (Volatile Dove)

Publisher: Black Shell Media & François Braud (Volatile Dove)

Platform: Steam – PC

Game Site:

Dev Site:

Store pgs: Steam  100% positive (one review)

Price: $4.99