Atlas Reactor Intros Season 2 Today: New Modes, New Freelancers and Fully Free to Play

New Chapter Featuring Brynn the Skywarden Kicks Off Season 2

Trion Worlds’ simultaneous turn-based battle arena game Atlas Reactor launches its second season today, which will bring a payload of new content to the game over a roughly 10-week period, including a new freelancer and new mode available immediately. In addition, the game is going free to play, giving more players the opportunity to experience everything the game has to offer at no cost. Beginning today, anyone can play the game for free and collect Freelancers, Mod Tokens, Master Skins and more using Flux, a new currency earned by playing.

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Players will also be able to purchase individual Freelancers with money or upgrade to a premium edition to get all Freelancers forever. Fans who purchased the game previously will be offered a special thank-you package containing loot matrices, in-game currency, an exclusive emblem, title and banner, and more.

Season 2 of Atlas Reactor introduces a new Freelancer, Brynn the Skywarden, and a slew of other new content and improvements available now and coming soon:

  • New Freelancers – Players will now be able to play as Brynn, the Skywarden, who has the ability to create cover wherever she is and punish foes who underestimate her reach using her adjustable lance. Another new freelancer will be introduced later in Season 2.
  • New Modes – With each of the five chapters comprising Season 2, a new gameplay mode will be introduced, starting with the All-Random Mode introduced today.
  • New Loot – Dozens of new unique skins, emojis, overcons, ranked rewards, and more
  • Revamped Intro Experience – A new and revamped introductory experience will help acquaint new players with the game’s mechanics and provide a more meaningful experience for prospective Freelancers.
  • Rebalanced Freelancers and Ranked System – Various balance changes for all Freelancers have now been implemented. In a new and improved Ranked System, open to ALL players, players will now progress through Ranks with a more predictable result of gains and losses after each match. Players will no longer be able to drop Ranks but can drop tiers, and players who achieve Master Rank will enter a new leaderboard style system.
  • More to Come – Season 2 is just beginning, and each of the season’s five chapters will bring new compelling lore, new challenges with new rewards, new choices for players to make that affect future content released, and more.

You can read more about Atlas Reactor going free to play, and the new content coming over the course of Atlas Reactor Season 2, on the game’s blog.

Watch the trailer here.

Described by Polygon as “Dota meets XCOM,” Atlas Reactor reinvents tactical team combat, combining competitive, fast-paced turn-based action with simultaneous turns in high-risk battles. Players must outsmart and outgun their fellow Freelancers with mere seconds to survey the field, coordinate with their team and lock in their moves, then see the action play out all at the same time. By working together as a team and predicting your opponent’s decisions, players must devise the best strategy to put themselves one step ahead of the opposition and achieve victory.

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