Avail Vapor – Business Review

Avail Vapor

Avail Vapor – Business Review

More than 100 hours spent driving and spending time in Avail Vapor to get to know the people as well as to check out their products and juices. We’ve tasted every flavor made available and have of course spent a lot of money shopping as we enjoyed the flavors.

To start this out I must point out that we’ve over the last few months have been traveling very long distances to check out different vape shops, and at times ran into shops that almost turned our thoughts from vaping. We’ve visited shops that the staff working there didnt even vape nor knew a thing about what they were happy to sale us, well that isnt the case with Avail Vapor.

From our very first stop into Avail Vapor just outside of Charlotte, NC, located in a small town called Concord; we found one of the top shops to date. When entering the shop we were treated extremely pleasant, the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable of their products. In some cases it seemed as if everyone in this shop had actually gotten an education in what they were there to do, and it also felt like a family environment.

Within our first trip we spent probably 4 hours in the shop chatting about different flavors as they helped us find the right ones for our needs. The shop was very beautiful and professionally setup with a themed layout displaying all types of tips on better living without smoking cigarettes, it was a very positive experience here. We were informed of the making of the juices as well as a nice history of how and where the juice originated, this made of feel really great about what we were soon to purchase. Of course we bought a ton of great things like new tanks, and some of our favorite flavors in which we will explore in other reviews; I think the best part of the first trip was the atmosphere and the staff.

Avail Vapor
Several trips of visiting Avail Vapor of Concord, and meeting many different members of their staff and not one moment went by in these visits were we feeling like it wasnt exactly like the first visit. We also ran into many of the same repeated clients which had nothing but great things to say as they shared their experiences with us about their vaping lifestyle, juices, and other shops. Visiting Avail Vapor to restock our juices has each time been like hanging out with good friends and we highly recommend them to any Vape lovers within the NC area or in the states in which you have an Avail Vapor Store.
Now, I had not wanted to mention too much about the juices themselves by Avail due to the reviews going up soon on each flavor; but I must say the juices are amazing. The finest example to describe any of the juices made by Avail Vapor are to say their rich, extremely bold, and distinguished. If you like cereal tasting juices then you will have the taste of that cereal as if you were eating a bowl while you vape. Be sure to check out the reviews on each of their juices in the coming articles.

5 star Rating out of 5 Stars

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