Aversion Theory – “I Am Broken” – Album Review

It has been just over a year since the last Aversion Theory album “Life as We Know It” and my review of it. You can read that one HERE if you wish. In the time since then, they have signed with Halo Askew Entertainment. They have also been busy writing and working on their next album: “I Am Broken”, which I can been given the privilege of listening to and reviewing before its release.

I have to admit, when I heard roughly a week and half ago that they were releasing a new album, I was excited and hoped I would get to do a review for them again. I was not disappointed. At all. It is different from the last album, which I described as “an interesting mix of heavy drums, industrial, and ethnic sounds.” This album, as soon as I fired it up, the first song started tugging at me. It reminded me of a band I loved and it took me a bit to sort out in my head, going through a list of ones that sounded similar to this. There was a slight “flavor” of sounds and vocals similar to that of Rob Zombie and Nine Inch Nails, but those were not the band I was trying to put my finger on. Then the second song started and it hit me: Orgy! The electronic, industrial sounds and edgy vocal style reminded me of Orgy. I fucking love that band and this album reminds me a lot of them. So to say I like this album is an understatement.If you enjoy them, or any bands similar to any I have just mentioned, I do recommend this album. I am more than happy to give this album 5 stars. Aversion Theory has successfully reminded me of one my favorite bands, and in a good way: it is not a copying of Orgy and their sounds at all, it is similar enough to give me a smile but enough their own style for me to say “fuck yeah!”
Aversion Theory’s “I AM BROKEN” is set to release at the end of October on the 28th; be sure to check it out and give them some love. Maybe even check out their other stuff. Good shit.


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