Aversion Theory – Life as We Know It – Album Review

Aversion Theory – Life as We Know It – Album Review

I’m sitting, currently listening to the new Aversion Theory’s newest album “Life as We Know It.” It’s a very decent and likable album from someone I’ve never listened to before. The music has that appeal to it where I’d definitely add some of the songs into my current playlist of regular music I listen to when working on things. Most of the songs I enjoyed. They an interesting mix of heavy drums, industrial, and ethnic sounds. I really like that they incorporated the ethnic sounds of some Middle Eastern instruments, giving it a “belly-dancing” edge to it. There is something about the sound of that music and those instruments that makes me perk up and listen a little more closely when I am listening to Western music. It fits very nicely with the heavy, tribalesque drums they have going in the songs. They mix in some industrial and great vocals. The vocals aren’t in your face and do not wash out the music but actually compliment it. The industrial works well with most the songs but there were a couple where there were some added sounds that distracted from the enjoyment of the song as a whole. On a whole, I’d have to give the album probably 4 stars out of 5. A very good listen to and something I have added to my Soundcloud playlist.

Article by: Pyro

The album is out now and you can find it on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. It is “Life as We Know It” By Aversion Theory.

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