Awesome Beach Cruisers at SIKK Bicycles – Arizona Bike Shop

Hey, gang, Of course, you’ve all been hearing about Annika and I (Matty) riding bikes all the time lately; well we’re progressing every day and it’s our new passion. During our daily motions of riding our bikes, we tend to take trips to check out new bike related stuff or even snowboarding and/or other outdoor fun stuff that we’re into; which lead us to some really cool cruisers.

During our daily ride a few days ago someone was cruising on the other side of the highway with a beautiful bike, I thought this bike was called a Fatty and told him it was an awesome bike and after a few moments he rolled over to my side of the road to ride beside me so we could chat. This bike was awesome, a total chill mode that was white with huge white wall tires and a cup holder. Now I’m not used to all the terms or names of all of the bikes, just the ones that I enjoy such as my obsessions with Fatty’s and/or just big tire bikes; this bike was awesome in my eyes. The fellow told me that before I bought a Fatty that I should check out where he had gotten his and he told me it was “SIKK Bicycles” and where I could find them. This guy was very nice and gave me the sales spill so I knew what I was getting into before we went, we then started to head back in from our daily ride.

When we made it back in from the ride we got cleaned up and headed down to check out SIKK Bicycles while I searched the place online for the directions I of course read their entire website; we were then pulling into the location. Sikk Beach Cruisers is what the sign said outside, when we entered the door we were in cruiser heaven to say the least!

Typically when we’ve entered a bike shop we were always basically attacked by salespeople to sell us something, some of the shops we’ve visited we will never walk into again due to some of the pushy sales stuff versus allowing us the time to look around, Sikk Bikes were not like this at all! We were in the shop chilling and checking out the bikes as the gentleman that welcomed us when we entered done his work while we browsed. Once we were done looking things over and went to ask a question, immediately we were helped with great knowledge about the bikes, it was a great feeling to be in the shop of SIKK Bicycles in Tempe.

We spent a good 45 minutes in the shop looking things over while getting a nice education about SIKK Bicycles as well as mentally picking out a few bikes that we wanted, we headed out with info in hand to contemplate which one we wanted each and when we planned to make our purchase.

SIKK Bicycles has 3 locations in Arizona, and 2 in Florida. The bikes are beautifully crafted, very nicely priced; and the staff is very cool. The point of the story is, it was nice to find a new cool place for some really cool cruiser bikes and we think you (our reader) should check them out.


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5 Locations in Arizona and Florida
ARIZONA STORES #480-270-4455
1524 W BELL RD #4 PHOENIX AZ 85023
833 COOPER RD #102 GILBERT AZ 85233 

FLORIDA STORES – #727-999-4655

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