Beyond: Two Souls Full Review

Beyond: Two Souls “I beat the game”

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Wow, almost 20 hours none stop gaming trying every to do everything possible within “Beyond: Two Souls” on single player mode with the PS3. Yes I beat the game, but did I? This game is very unique they’re many options to chose within the game which can change your every step. Almost every scene has as many as 4 options to chose from which in making that choice things will go differently. I stayed awake so long to get through this game and I took my sweet time going through it too, and after I got through, I got some rest to start my day again, after work I started playing a new game of it. My goal now is to start changing up the choices I made the first time to see how it goes. These guys literally thought of everything when designing this game, I only wished you could get extensions to the game. Example: If you beat the game and get to the end, maybe have the option to buy an addition to continue the life of your character in another part of the story; that would be really awesome. Playing Beyond: Two Souls was like living the life of the character this is for sure my most favorite game now.

It was like living in the footsteps of the characters while every decision you make changes the outcome; at the same time it is like a 20+ hour movie.Wow, I love movies especially good ones, I love great games, and to take the two aspects of this mix it into one and give me the controls to it; omg make another one. I’m new to console style gaming, don’t get me wrong I’ve played PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox etc, but I was never a fan of them. Now recently I got to check out the game “The Last of Us” which is officially my second favorite game; now I love PS3! I’m hooked, they finally are making games that I like. If you are a story-mode style gamer, or enjoy that type of game at all, check out these two games; they are insanely great.

Thanks for reading, I’m going back to gaming today 🙂

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