Bicycle – I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike

The day has come that the cold is almost gone and it’s time to crank out some miles. Hey gang, some of you have been chilling with us in our Twitch Stream and have an idea of what we’ve been up to and some of you are Patrons so you get your news updates, but they’re a lot of readers that haven’t been caught up to speed thus I post here today.

Over the last few weeks Annika and I (Matty) have been beyond the term of sick or having a cold, for some reason no matter how much meds we took it wasn’t going away, this was that new strand that just happens to be dropped all across the United States all at one time getting everyone sick; today we’re a bit better thank you for the concern. Being that our Twitch Subscribers are starting to go up and our Patreon supporters are just so awesome I’ve decided that no matter what, sick or not, sleep or no sleep I’m gonna ride at least 70 miles today as a thank you to all who are supporting us via our Patreon or our Twitch Channel.

Sunday Annika took me out riding around to see some of the new areas that I wanted to start riding and I’m strongly looking forward to it, today I plan to get over to a few of those spots and try to ride some of it. My goal is to get back to my 200 miles a week and try to keep it there.

Now a good portion of our social following has seen our interest in cycling basically go through the roof as it has become my #1 passion out of all of my interest in life (not counting my wife and dog lol, they’re #1). I’ve decided that I want to focus the majority of my time cycling, mountain biking, racing bikes etc; I want to pursue this to the max so I’m going head on into it. Thankfully a friend who is a cyclocross racer/cyclist has agreed to help train me and I’ve started a GoFundMe to get my new road bike, and I’ve now ridden my bike well over 2k miles so far in less than 4 months. The progression is real and I aim to go further. I literally dream about cycling to the point I wake myself from pedaling in my sleep, I’m already due new tires and a full new gear system for the rear tire as I’ve worn them out.

So this is the latest with what we’re up to and daily the mileage will rise. To those who have been supporting we thank you very much, and for those who’d like to get involved and support; head over to our Patreon and get started today.


Have an awesome day everyone


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