Bird of Light – Steam Game Review

Bird of Light - Steam Game Review

Bird of Light – Steam Game Review


Bird of Light has a very mobile games look to it when you look at the game play videos, and that’s because it was originally going to be a mobile game, but they released it on PC first because apparently the PC gaming market is much friendlier and easier to find a publisher than the mobile gaming market. Despite this, it actually fits the PC gaming world better, through keyboard or controller, because it does get more complex with the controls and gameplay as you progress. The graphics are simple and cute. I got a little giggle at the animals, especially the shape of the cows and how cute the little piggies were. The art and graphics are spot on; they’re cheerful, cute, and allow you to enjoy the game and not take focus away from what you are trying to do. The goal of the game is simple enough: you play a little girl whose family just moved to a farm, you are running around and have to find the key and get to the castle at the end of each level. Don’t let that fool you though, it does get trickier and more complex the deeper you go into the game. You have to work your way through a maze of paths, while dodging and leaping over the farm animals and other obstacles, while also collecting the coins and eggs. Coins can be used between levels to find out where the level key is on the map and even the eggs. The eggs? Those are to be collected for the bird that guides you through the tutorial. They’re not needed to finish levels, BUT they do add an extra bit of complexity to the game, making it a bit more challenging if you do want to try to collect them and get achievements. The eggs unlock achievements within the game. You can also get achievements for speed running levels or completing levels without using the checkpoints. The further you progress into the game, the more obstacles and tricks they throw your way! Seriously, head on over to the developer’s site and read the “Dev Diary”… things sound like they a bit more hairy deeper into the game! I am only at level 6 or 7 so far. I will be coming back to the game from time to time, trying to get further. Not sure if I will ever get any of those speedrun achievements though! Which is okay, because I would rather just sit and enjoy a casual play through than frustrate myself trying to speedrun a level while dodging and jumping over animals and other things. A great game for just casual gaming but also has that added perk for those that like to get achievements for speed runs and other things.

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Bird of Light is a cute little puzzle-platformer of an indie game that released a week ago onto Steam for PC. The game features Steam Achievements and is currently only available for PC on Steam; it supports keyboard and controller. Created by the small team of Roach Interactive, this game was born out of an idea that slowly grew but finally started to fruition when the lead designer’s own daughter is born. You see, Rahul Sehgal, founder and lead of the Roach Interactive team, is from India, a place where violence towards women is sadly “just a part of life”. Thanks to the internet and many proactive groups in recent years, including the women themselves standing up and fighting back, things are starting to change, but only slowly… and only in some areas. Other areas, the violence sadly occurs daily. Rahul wanted to make a game that was fun but without the violence so common in his home country and in a lot of video games nowadays. He wanted to make a game where the lead was not only female, but one that was not overly sexualized. He stood firm on these two ideals and it has paid off. When the game was finished and his team was trying to find a publisher, many turned him down or he turned them down, because they wanted a male lead or asked he change it so the player could decide on the gender of their character. If he’d given in, it would have destroyed the soul of this game, of his baby, because part of what gave birth to this game WAS the idea of having a NORMAL female lead. I admire the man and team for sticking to their guns. I am a mother myself; I have a daughter and a son. I can honestly say I worry constantly about my daughter’s future more than I do my son’s, because I know that unless things change drastically in the next couple years, she’s going to have to deal with so much bullshit when she does finally grow up and leave home in a few years. She already has had to deal with bullying and sexist behavior and she’s only a teen. In elementary school, before we moved from Seattle back to my home state of Texas several years ago, there was a boy at her bus stop, who frankly needed his little butt busted. He was a bully to all the girls, and no, it wasn’t the “he must like her so he’s picking on her” type of thing some kids will do at that age, because he treated his mother and little sister even worse. This 8 year old boy came from a household and family who’d immigrated to the States, from a country where women are treated as lesser than human; he was being raised to view and treat women like they were things and not actual people. Rahul and the team of Roach Interactive have my support, love, and admiration for sticking to the soul of this game. I highly recommend this game. Go, support this developer team and the message that is within the soul of this game. If you’d like to read a bit more about the story behind the game’s creation, you can check it out here on WoodBangers in this article: Please, do go read it, and even go read some of the Developer Diary entries and blog entries by the team on their site.

Personal Rating:   5 stars out of 5


Game: Bird of Light

Developer: Roach Interactive

Publisher: Black Shell Media

Platform: Steam – PC

Dev Site:

Store pgs:

Price: $4.99