Blue Rider now released on Playstation 4!

Blue Rider
Córdoba, Argentina. February 29th, 2016. – A horde of ferocious robots, commanded by Evil MasterMind, is causing havoc in planet Helmech. But there’s still room for hope: a rebel that will fight against the wicked without recoiling. His name is Blue Rider: a lone wolf willing to do what it takes to stop them, on board his loyal ship.
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Argentinian developer Ravegan is proud to announce Blue Rider, a shoot-em-up arcade in the classic line of the genre. It’s high-level action. Easy to play, hard to master; a challenge for old-school gamers… and for everyone who wants to feel an adrenaline rush.

The environments of Blue Rider will take us from virgin forests to terrifying volcanos. We will face enemies with charming aspect but hideous intentions; we should use our cunning against dreadful bosses, and find treasures and hidden relics. And we can’t leave aside the best of all: a lot of BOOMS and KABOOMS!

In September 2015, Blue Rider was greenlit in Steam, in just 8 days. The PC and Windows 10 versions of the game will be released on the 3rd of March, and PS4 / Xbox One versions are expected to be released in May.


  • Old-school bullet hell, dodge fast and destroy everything moving!

  • Diverse and colorful environments, 4 different weapons

  • 9 GIGANTIC final bosses and more than 50 enemies

  • Find power-ups and lost relics, with the help of the little robot ‘Amigo’

  • Reveal the story piece by piece: who is the mysterious Blue Rider?

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