A breath of fresh air

This week has been rough though the entire community of The WoodShed has made things easier to deal with and I can’t thank them all enough. When the day of work was done a bunch of the members got together to play games to end the night. We tore into a ton of Overwatch, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Yes Xondre made me start playing World of Warcraft again.

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Now the whole playing WoW again is sort of funny. We decided to do a short people guild as all of our toons in this guild have to be dwarfs or elves. It’s all about being vertically challenged and all people bigger than us are just not cute enough lol. This guild is not to be a guild for hardcore raiding, it’s simply where we all get together and do quest and adventures together while we chat through the day enjoying the friendships we all have. This is the #1 reason we built our community, to build real friendships that last forever.

Now that The WoodShed has moved to a Facebook group, honestly I enjoy it more. Every day our members are growing, we’re adding a new person or two a day to game with in Overwatch or other games. Daily it’s becoming what we had wanted to begin with and don’t have all of the code work to do all day.

Now my days are easier to start working on other items which I’ve had to keep sort of paused. One day at a time WoodBangers Entertainment will start to become what I had always wanted it to be. My goal is to open up more topics and to cover more stories.

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