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A Place for news, reviews and more on Anime, Comics, Cosplay, Games, Movies, Music, TV Shows, Vaping and much more.

We of WoodBangers Entertainment have always strived to give our best. And we then go a couple steps beyond that, especially for those who love and support us. We love to give back when we can because we love you and this community. Many have said we’re crazy or that we can’t do it. They said we couldn’t build this community. Many out there would LOVE to see us fail, but WoodBangers says fuck that shit. Nothing is impossible to us; it may be difficult, and it may be exhausting, but not impossible.

This dream inspired and guided by the spirit of our dear friend Lisa WoodBangers, will not die. Lisa was a wonderful girl, full of life and love. She was the kind of person who could walk into a room, smile, and make friends with anyone. It is a tragedy that her life ended abruptly when she was 15, by a drunk driver. It is her spirit that inspired us to have this dream and push forward with it.

The dream and project we’re talking about are to make a community and site, where people can relax. A site with ZERO tolerance for trolls and without drama. A site built to turn strangers into friends.

We’re not another social media site to fill you up with drama and invade your privacy. We’re talking about those sites that change their privacy policy once or twice a year. The sites that always make you wonder if the photos you share are going to be used in a way you don’t want. The sites where your number of friends matters more than the deepness of these friendships.

We created our community to get away from this nonsense. None of your personal, private information is kept or sold. You also do not have to worry about art theft. Anyone that will post something which they don’t have the right of, will get the post removed. And you never must worry about trolls. We believe in perma-bans and use them. We even ban actual IPs and Mac Addresses so they can’t come back under different names.

You have found yourself in The Woodshed. We welcome you. Share your passions with us, we’re all nerds here. Blog about what you love; show us your creations. Find friends you LOVE to talk to.

WoodBangers is much more than just The WoodShed, though. We are a website that posts HONEST reviews of movies, games, music etc. We believe in giving our community and people the truth. You don’t have to worry about if a company slipped us a little something under the table to give them a good review. We don’t need or want their money because honesty comes first. Our site is filled with articles on music artists, reviews on games, upcoming projects etc. Speaking of projects, we also have a game building division. We have a few games in development, which we are building OURSELVES, for our community. One of them is an MMO. Wouldn’t it be nice to get online, hop onto an MMO and enjoy playing instead of dealing with drama?

With the mobilization of WoodBangers, you can have WoodBangers with you on the go! Sometimes you are too busy and tired to turn your computer on when you get home. But you still like to browse your phone as you lay in bed. Now you can pop in and say hi or see what’s going on. It is just easier to use apps when on a phone or another mobile device. You can surf from your phone or tablet’s browser without issue. AND we have an app for that!

With each new, awesome member or sponsor, we are one step closer to realizing our dream. This dream of building this community into something amazing and keeping the spirit of Lisa WoodBangers alive. We want to thank you all for being here to support us and for believing in what we’re trying to do. Thank you all for becoming members of WoodBangers, and helping this place grow.

How we manage to do what we do:

The WoodShed grows each day with the help of donations by supporters, endorsements by sponsors, ad revenue by advertisers, and of course memberships here at The WoodShed.

What do we do?

We cover news and promote news for 1000 plus major record labels, and 14,000 plus Game Studios. We also share news and tips on various topics like comic books, anime, movies & TV, events and more.
We write reviews on Games, Movies, Music, Businesses, Products, and much more. We’re also accredited critics with IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, IGN, Crunchyroll, Yelp, and various other places.
We write software (websites, game development, app development, custom software, server configurations and securities).

1418 n Scottsdale Rd STE 163
Scottsdale, AZ

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