Capcom’s Resident Evil 2015 XBOXONE – Review

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2015 HD Remake for XBOXONE – Review


So I’m extremely let down with Resident Evil 2015 game release. The minute this game started being promoted I was so exited. Many people talking about it and the masses pour in to watch this game be played. Try playing it……. OMFG why did we pay for it was the thought after we started playing.

$19.99 wasted on the so called big game that everyone wanted. Doubtful that we will even load this game up again. When we started the game it was like a huge delay in every movement, when the guy was speaking the females voice was coming out. The attacks by the dead you couldn’t even get out of the way. The movement in this game is straight ignorant. Going down a hall for a split second going one direction can instantly having you going exactly where you just came from in scene change as the direction completely changes. Short scene time in between moves, audio visual rush jobs, just a pure lack of putting this game together. Did we just get a defective purchase?? If so the people watching during our live game-play have got an exact copy of what we got. This game is a huge disappointment, which has truly made me lose the last love that I had for being a resident evil fan.

2 star Rating out of 5 Stars


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