Cat Cave – Mobile Game Review

cat cave

Cat Cave – Mobile Game Review

Cat Cave: Attack of the Batworms is a simple, straightforward little mobile game made by the small indie games development team Astire Games, based out of Austin, Texas. This game is still being actively updated since it is only a few months old and isn’t an older, forgotten about app. My daughter and I had a chance to test it out on the Kindle (Kindle Fire HDX 7”, 3rd gen) to see how it worked on that platform. It is currently only released on the Google Play and Itunes store, so this was a cool privilege to be the first ones to test it on a different system for them. This cute little game ran smoothly for the both of us. Perfect little game for sitting when you have a few minutes somewhere, like an appointment or something. You just open it up and play as a cute little cat running through a cave while dodging obstacles, collecting snacks, and taking out Batworms; the latter two of those is what gives you points. Quick and easy to get the hang of; doesn’t require you to remember where you left off last time, because you start at the same place every time. Best part, this game is free. And no, that doesn’t mean the “it’s free but you have to deal with 5 ads on your screen and a pop-up every 5 minutes trying to sell you something” free. This is 100% free, no money, no ads, nothing but simple fun because Astire Games believes in making a game that is truly free and only about the fun. I definitely recommend giving the game a look at and try; my daughter enjoyed it also. It is currently only on the Google Play and Itunes stores, but with this test to see how it would run, they are now looking at distribution on the Amazon App store as well. So please stay tuned for that, if you want to be able to download it for your Kindle.

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Game: Cat Cave: Attack of the Batworms

Developer: Astire Games

MJ JohnsDirector/Programmer

Nick Esparza – Artist

Bob Stephens – Programmer

Rob Beecher – Sound Designer

Platform: Most mobile devices


Store pgs: Google Play – 4.6 out of 5 stars

Itunes –

Price: Free