Getting things caught up over this week

Hey gang, finally servers are running to par. Over the last few days we’ve worked with someone we trust at DreamHost to help get things back to working order and after a lot of testing we did find the problem and it was a damaged server (Apache and PHP). The process to fix this situation as well as to find this issue to begin with wee had to do a ton of deconstructing as well as modifying our server setup to having, even more, servers to make things a lot easier to function as well as diagnose as we move forward.

With what we had gone through each year we’ve decided to modify how we do things as well as what things we will focus on and most importantly we’ve decided to Officially keep “The WoodShed” (Our Official Community) forever as the Facebook Group. Since we moved the community to the Facebook group we’ve all had more time to do more things as a community as well as everyone has been able to use the group to better share things with less effort or work and no need for someone to try and figure out how to join, besides if ya can’t figure out how to click join group on facebook then it’s best to not use the internet, to begin with. Now that The WoodShed is running on Facebook we can now focus on only our articles, news, and things we like to share on the main site. We can now focus on getting what needs to be done and not as much worry on developing new community ideas when honestly Facebook has done very well with its functionality and I’m fine with using it.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I personally will be busy working on getting the main sites functionality back to what we had, for example, our “Movie Directory“. The Movie Room as we called it shared our full list of movies that are in our personal collection with our ratings and more for our readers to check out. Having the Movie Room also made it easier for us to keep up with what we had and having access to it all the time anywhere made life much easier when we were buying more to add to it. I have a few thousand Movie posts to add over the next few days as well as keep up with the daily news in gaming, movies, music and other topics so those post can go out; though I’m still gonna allow time to enjoy my day with the community members in some gaming and communication to the best of my abilities until I pass out each day.

So from today forward our new servers are live and running strong and I’m sure if you’ve been to our site before you’ve noticed how much quicker it loaded for you today. Wanna join our fun loving family? It’s very simple to join our community, click the Join Our Facebook button on the bottom bar; answer a few questions and wait to be allowed in. Once you access the Facebook Group “The WoodShed“, you’ll then see a Pinned Post giving you basic access to our Voice Server; be sure to read the rules of the Facebook Community as every bit of our community is for person 18+ only so no one has to watch their language when chatting. We hope to see you there and feel free to share your interest in anime, comics, cosplay, games, manga, movies, music, tv shows and any other nerdy interest you have.


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there. Those who want to support what we’re doing hit the Subscribe button and be a GameWisp Subscriber or you can hit the Tips button and send a tip. Have an awesome day.

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Matty "MudShovel" WoodBanger enjoys gaming, comics, music, movies, and so much more. He likes to let his family, friends, and the members of the WoodShed community know his thoughts on these things, and is the main writer and reviewer of the WoodBangers site. All articles written that are reviews by him are his 100% honest opinion because he doesn't believe in lying to those who trust him. He wants people to know that if that movie or game that all the critics are saying is great is really just overhypes Hollywood-spew or the real deal, so you don't waste your money and regret seeing or getting something. Remember, he's not getting paid to be another yes-man. He is not afraid to tell what he honestly thinks and feels about something. If it is great, there will be no doubt about it; if he doesn't like it, there will be zero doubt there. All reviews are HIS opinion and his opinion alone. They do not express the thoughts of everyone at WoodBangers, nor is he paid to write his reviews. If you disagree with his opinion and thoughts on something, that is fine, you are allowed to have your own opinion. If you take offense to his opinions, then please feel free to leave because he is not here to make everyone happy. He professionally writes and his reviews can be found on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, IGN, and many other sites. For more details on where you can find his reviews, please check out his links on his personal profile in The WoodShed.

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