I closed my @Showtime account due to no #PennyDreadful

Penny Dreadful Comic

We’re so saddened that TV Stations and entertainment in general is only targeted to fit the sheeple of today and of course the other 10% of the planet that has the ability to think for themselves lose all good things. After finding out that Penny Dreadful wrapped up the show before the official cancellation by ShowTime we decided to close our ShowTime membership. All or any show that hits any TV Station anymore that we may have interest in we will simply buy it and no longer support the stations in which continue to kill good shows.

We know that human mentality and control of thought have to be moderated or we wouldn’t have more than 1/3 of the government dedicated to such a project, but come on with Good Things in life. When a show or a movie comes out that are enjoyable they get closed quick but if its regurgitated remade crap that stuff just keeps blowing up. Feed the sheep but take a moment and think about the ones that pay for good things versus the sheeple that dont.

The good thing out of all of this is we will at least be able to get the comics! Woot, cant wait on issue two. Come on Titan Comics, cant wait for the next issue.

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