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Detective Business Game Coffee Noir will be launched on March, 10.

Poznan, February 27, 2017 – Can you imagine a game that is not only a fun, but it also gives you an opportunity to develop new skills? This is what the Coffee Noir is all about – true gaming experience with tasks and goals that require from player management and negotiation skills to complete the game.

Coffee Noir in an innovative way combines the elements of economic strategy and crime novel with noir atmosphere. Artwork design resembling the classic American comic books and narration style inspired by Agatha Christie’s books will let you immerse in an intriguing case of the mysterious disappearance of Richard Kersey and learn secrets of efficient business management during the investigation. Thanks to the fact, that playing games trigger high internal motivation and active user participation in the gameplay, Coffee Noir is also an unique and efficient training tool. During the gameplay player can improve skills such as, among others, negotiation, effective selling, business relations, company management, team management. Thanks to numerous conversations with 11 game characters, player has the opportunity to practice new skills.

Watch the game demo:

“Story driven gameplay is quite engaging, and due to detective nature of the Coffee Noir, it forces player to focus more on the game. While learning more about the game plot, player hast to see the “big picture”. This expands on players experience. Balancing between managing business and exploring the game plot, looks like fun. Graphics are eye-catching, especially the character models. “ –

“It’s probably the first made ever educational business application dresses up as a drawn by hand, adventure-tycoon hybrid game. (…) If you are looking for a proof that games teach, Coffee Noir is a perfect place to start.” –
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Doji Educational Innovations is a small indie studio based in Poznan, Poland. We are a group of game enthusiasts who work on implementing true gaming experience in educational processes. Our games are the best proof that learning and fun are a perfect match! Learn more:

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