Yes – We Collect Comic Books

We Collect Comic Books


We’ve been collecting comic books since we were young and we still collect them. Some of our favorite comics are IZombie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Walking Dead, and many others. Lately we have started to expand our search in buying up comics to add to this collection and we’re looking for other places to get them other than just online.

On the IPAD and IPhone we use the apps for DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Vertigo Comics, and ComiXology which have plays a great role in helping us keep up with the digital format of our collection. These apps allow us to read the comics we own without having to open them or bend any pages. Are you into comics? If you like comics like we do than come on into The WoodShed and share some of your comics that you collect and enjoy, we share screenshots every time we pick up one, and we will now be sharing our views on the issues we collect.

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