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We Offer the following:

  • digital promotion
  • physical promotion
  • visual services
  • audio services
  • graphical services
  • game development
  • software development
  • Web Development
  • Public Relations


Projects and/or Companies:

  • Studio Minions – We develop sodtware, games, apps, websites and more.
  • KillKoncept – A manga being created and written by Matty Mudshovel
  • WoodBangers Entertainment TV – WBETV or also known as WoodBangers TV. Live Streaming gameplay, game reviews, and more.
  • The Darkness of Ragnarokk – We’re developing this awesome action/adventure/rpg.
  • M & A ToyBox – We make and sell handmade goods (ie. hemp jewelry, paracord jewelry/keychains/dog collars) and more. We also buy/sell/trade comics, toys, funko pop, action figures, and much more.
  • Scottsdale Bike Coalition – We’ve created the Scottsdale Bike Coalition as a way to support and become a part of the cyclists within our home town as well as to be a place online where we may all share ride goals and attend or support riding for charities.