Corsair M65 Mouse – Product Review

Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS gaming mouse.

First let me say that I am a huge fan of Corsair products. I haven’t anything from corsair I didn’t like. So when it came time to look for a new mouse my first stop was Corsair. For a point of reference I am upgrading from a Logitech G300s. This mouse has served me well and is still in perfect working order so a new mouse is purely because I want one and not because I need one.

I will start this review with the buying experience. is where I made my purchase but Corsair products can be found in may electronics stores. I prefer to buy direct so the fact they have a online store is perfect for me. I first checked out the factory refurbs then looked at sale items. I was pretty well set on the M65 I loved the RGB feature and the sniper button ( I will get into these later ) Corsair offered a refurb M65 Pro RGB on sale. Perfect I was all set about to buy and then thought let me just check sale items. Then I would that that week the newest version the M65 Pro RGB FPS was on sale and had free shipping. After doing a bit of math the new mouse was $6 more than the refurb. For $6 get the new, not that there would have been anything wrong with the refurb but if you can get new why not. Morel of the story check sales check refurb and do a bit of math before you just buy.


On to the part you guys really want. I will break down the key features for you.

  1. RGB: Corsair RGB is fantastic 16.8 million colors and completely customizable with Corsairs Cue program. ( there is a new version of it out now and it is easier and better than the original ) The RGB lights effect the front and the rear of the mouse. The front lights the scroll wheel and ion front of the mouse. The rear lights the bottom and mousepad as well as Corsairs logo. The LEDs are bright and in good locations. This really is a cosmetic feature and has no effect on performance. I love it anyway and don’t regret the few extra bucks to get the option.
  2. DPI: The M65 has a adjustable DPI up to 12k When making my purchase I thought cool 12k DPI that is good I could use that. DPI or Dots Per Inch is how percies the laser picks up movement and therefore how much you mouse moves vers the pointer on your screen. So a higher number means very little wrist movement equals a lot of pointer travel. After calibrating the mouse to my mousepad and playing with the DPI setting ( this can be done on the fly to several preset points or in CUE to anything you want ) I found for me anything past 6000 DPI was unuseable. I just could not control how fast the pointer moved across my screen. This is really going to be a feel each user is going to have to set to their liking.
  3. Weight and Size: For me I like a heavier larger mouse. The M65 answers the weight issue by being adjustable. On the bottom of the mouse are 3 screws that hold weights in place. Now the mouse comes with a set of weights in the mouse already. If you wish it to be lighter just remove them as you see fit. To get heavier you will need to buy weights from Corsair. For me the Weight felt great so I have left them in. I may buy the heavier ones just to see if I like them better at some point. Size of the mouse is fixed no adjustment here. It has a wider base, it almost flares outward under your thumb which I do like. The curve under your palm feels good and the the length also has a good feel.
  4. Buttons: The M65 has 8 buttons. Your basic buttons of right and left click, the scroll wheel also clicks, behind the wheel are 2 buttons mostly for changing the DPI, 1 sniper button and 2 thumb buttons on the side. All buttons can be remapped through CUE. Perfect for me as I like to use push to talk on my mouse.
  5. Sniper button: I thought this was super cool when buying. The sniper button changes your DPI when pressed. Normally lowering it dramatically to give you a very exact point and movement of your pointer. This is adjustable in CUE as well. It is factory set to 400 DPI. I thought this was going to be a feature I would use a lot and was excited to try it out.


That is the basics of the mouse. It is well built, packs a lot of features, and feels durable and useful. It does not have anything to gimmicky or over the top. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of this product.


For me I love love love it. The RGB gives me the flair I like. The CUE program really lets me customize it any way I want. The price is in line with other mice on the market. Shipping was very fast ( this will be based on where you live as I live 30 mins from Corsair headquarters ) It feels like a solid product in my hand. The buttons are responsive and crisp. I think the 12k DPI is extreme and for me I don’t think I will ever go over 6k. I also find that I don’t use the sniper button. I am not sure if this is because I am not used to having it or If it is that I would prefer it to be located just a bit more towards the back of the mouse. In any case neither of these things are that big of a deal. I still love the feel of it and It is in my opinion the best mouse I have ever owned.

The mouse gets 5 stars from me. From start to finish this mouse and Corsair have performed above my expectations.

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