Cosplay Galore

What's hot in cosplay? Take a look...


I know you’ve seen it, yes i’m talking about Cosplay! A growing trend in the gaming world that is proving to grab the attention of everyone worldwide; and why not. Cosplay is the art of dressing up as your hero or villain from movies and games. So, let’s start by taking a quick peek at what games are hitting the top of the tables and how cosplay is impacting major events such as Comic-Con. NieR: Automata has to be the most popular game at the moment and of course Persona 5, especially with Matty Mudshovel. We’ll also be taking a close look at some of his cosplay preferences as well as some of the woodshed community likes.

History of cosplay

Cosplay was originally born from what was called ‘fan costuming’ dating back as far as 1939 in New York City at the 1st world science fiction convention. In 1984, Japan named this practice ‘cosplay’. Since the 1990’s, this culture has rapidly developed into what can only be called a phenomenon not only in Japan, but in the western regions such as The United States, The U.K and even in some parts of Asia. Off stage costume role-playing has dedicated competitions and conventions all over the world as well as proving to have a broad subculture. Social media provides a unique tool for cosplay activities. Preferred sources for the dramatic and flamboyant characters are derived from a range of sources such as Anime, computer/console gaming, films, t.v shows, manga, cartoons and comic books. Yes, the range of characters is massive. So there is no excuse the next time you go to a convention such as Comic Con to not go in cosplay style. Want to go as a female character? Go for it! What’s that you say? You’re a guy? Well that’s not a problem; gender switching is all part of the fun as is the mutual admiration for your cosplay character dress. 

NieR: Automata

YoRHa is the protagonist in NieR: Automata. There are three playable characters:  No.2 Type b (2b) seems to be the most popular cosplay character. There are also two other types 9s and A2. 2b is a stunning little cutie. A calm and collected character who is an android sent to earth by humans to restore peace and get rid of all evil automata.

The model depicted above is Helly Von Valentine. Doesn’t she look amazing as 2b? She is hot to say the least. The design of the costume is very creative and gives a powerful statement. Can you imagine going to a Comic Con event and seeing this standard of cosplay?  You can check out more about this cosplay model through various links. Here is the DeviantArt link to get you started. .


This image is of No.9 Type S (9s), the second of the playable characters. Another fantastic costume for all you cos players out there. As with 2b, he is also an android. He specialises in investigative purposes and is kind if not a little emotional. So guys, if you love to dress up, here’s one for you.

Lastly, on the left hand side in the foreground is No.2 Type A and what a fun outfit it is. Deliciously sexy and as an ex-member of the YoRHa she is distrustful and keeps to herself unless she deems it necessary.  However, this is a very difficult look to pull off. But hey, cosplay is all about having fun so, if you can; then I applaud you.

Persona 5

In order to understand the costume play of the characters in Persona 5, here is a bit of background on the game. Persona 5 is a role-playing video game and is the sixth instalment of the persona series. Persona 5 is the protagonist who is falsely accused of assault and transferred to the Shijin Academy in Tokyo. He and other students discover their persona powers and form a masked vigilante group called ‘The Phantom Thieves of Hearts’.  Exploring the supernatural palace realm, they steal ill intent from the hearts of adults. Their enemies are supernatural entities that they battle using manifestations of their psyche called personas. I have looked at a selection of the characters (of which there are many) and picked out a choice few for their cosplay ability. Let’s go with the obvious first – Persona 5.

The protagonist wears a typical college boys outfit consisting of plaid trousers and a red button blazer complete with a college badge. This is an easy one for you guys to pull off with an air of confidence. Don’t forget those spectacles for that intellectual look. In the second image we have Makoto Niijima in her plaid high school skirt. Next I have put forward Ann Takamati who has a very cool costume with a sassy feel to it.

Are the above characters a little tame for your taste? Fear not, there have many characters in Persona 5 that you may want to take a look at, so here is a link for you to explore more.

Hot cosplay models

Just as I promised, here is a couple of hot cosplay models that I know Matty Mudshovel has a fondness for as well as those in the woodshed community. Please enjoy!

Darshelle Stevens

Darshelle Stevens is a stunning cosplay model. Entering the photography world about three years ago, it seems she’s never looked back and its full steam ahead. Hardly surprising considering how amazing she looks. As a versatile cosplay model in various genres, her real passion is in conceptual and fine art. Darshelle lives by her motto: “Making your dreams a reality” and what a dream she is.

Kayla Erin

This cheeky Australian cosplay model is Kayla Erin. She has been on the cosplay scene for the last five years. Kayla began with just one costume which she purchased on-line, doing a once a year convention. Now this fun beauty travels all over Australia doing appearances and interviews at many cons with a wide range of outfits which, incredibly she has personally hand-made.

The featured image is my personal favourite. Australian Katyuska Moonfox. This stunning sultry cosplay model is 22 years old and guess what? She’s a student in Game Development. Now that really is awesome.