Cox Communications – Review

Cox Communications – Review

Okay guys, before I get into expressing the fun and excitement that we all got to endure over the last few days; I need to make a few things very clear. Most importantly the notes mentioned are not hearsay they are fact and spoken by the Cox Communication salespersons, and managers.

As you all know we had moved from the East Coast to Arizona and before we moved we sought out the highest speed internet service to be installed into our new home before we arrived, well…. We ended up getting Cox Communication and this is how things have been over the not even full 3 days of having active service with them.

The first day of installation (we paid additional fee of $75.00 for a professional installation based on the order we purchased for 300mbps speeds) a very nice technician arrives, he looks around the property and then comes into to put the power cable and coax cable into the router. The next step was the tech saying “the username and password is on the back of the modem”, “is there anything else you need?”….. We’re still confused on that professional install, but as we specified the technician was very nice. After the tech left we ran speed test to see we were not getting 300mbps we were at most 150mbps which is the level below what we prepaid for. We inquired as to why our speed wasnt what we paid for and why the service was on and off, after several hours we were told that the tech brought us the wrong modem that it didn’t support that speed and we had to take it into the Cox store to get it exchanged.

The next morning (day 2), we drove to the Cox store to return the modem and have the right one given to us; well thats when things went really wrong…. The guy (stating he was a manager) gave us the spill about how the router we were provided (which we paid full price to purchase and own), was a rental and they didn’t really have a modem that supports 300mbps but he had something that did and we could swap things out and go home and install it all ourselves (questioning the professional installation that we paid for). We took the new modem and was told that we needed to go buy a new router to have wi-fi (can ya tell this guy was a moron?), well we bought the one he stated just to stay on point with the shitty service.

After arriving home we installed everything to find out that the net speed was not only wrong we were only getting 18mbps, let the phone calls start happening. Finally after a few hours a supervisor called to explain to us that the modem the Cox store manager gave us was wrong and that here is a list of specific modem numbers that they should be offering us. This manager also specifically pointed out that this specific modem couldn’t get above 80mbps. So day two was spent with almost no internet.

Day 3, we took the notes and modem back to Cox Communication store and this is when shit has hit some legal issues. The manager from the day before that gave us this modem and another sales person stated that the manager above them which told us to bring it back was a liar and all they wanted was sales. They also stated that they couldnt give us a modem that reached the speed in which we purchased because the only modem that would work was monitored by the FCC and would require that we also had phone service with them. Ya see all the lies this group of fraudulent persons were feeding us? This wasnt even the worst of the situation, we recorded the conversations via video on our iphone while also on the phone with a few people at associated press and some other promoters so everything and every trip was documented. We stated to the manager at the store that all we wanted was what we paid for, the response was they cannot give us that but they can send someone over to do some tweaks to the router they gave that doesnt even work for speeds over 80mbps to give us some functioning internet while they bill us for 300mbps that they cannot provide us. Now all of that is fact of fraud, they might as well of handed us a jar stated we packaged a fart by Jesus in it. We’re currently awaiting them to show up while we film the last of the mess they have done to us for a beautiful youtube video.

Cox Communication was mentioned by New York Times as one of the shittiest companies in the United States alongside with Time Warner Cable, TWC was actually slightly above Cox and we see that the New York Times were right on the money.

These two companies should not legally be allowed to operate as they violate every legal; act of sale on a daily basis something must be done. We will keep you all posted as to when and if we get the service we have paid in full for, if not we will document the entire court case against them if they do not provide what they sold us.

You can follow our other notes and check in at this Cox Communication store by clicking here

Update on this review as of April 12th 2016 at 4:pm MST. The tech made it out and once arrived restated that the modem the manager gave us was not right. Thankfully the tech showed us that without phone service with Cox we couldnt have a modem that supported the 300mbps that we had been sold. So shame on Cox for selling a service that they werent going to back, shame on the manager at the Cox Store location for being a complete lying dick. As for the tech he saved the day by installing the right modem where we finally got the speeds we paid for, we do now have a phone with Cox that will never be used, but the net works now. If you have the choice to have Cox Communication or a bag of shit with maggots in it, choose the bag of shit.

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