Cycling – We found out why Bikes vary so much in Price – You get what you pay for

So here we are noobs at cycling and we’re only 16 days in as of today (August 29th, 2017), though we’re hooked and will be cycling from here on out. We didn’t realize that when we started getting into riding bikes that it was more a lifestyle than just getting on bikes and riding a bit. They’re so much to inhale now though every day has been like a personal voyage while we enjoy the air, the outdoor landscape, and the energy that comes after the ride is over.

When we first picked up our starter bike’s on the 13th of August, we knew that what we were purchasing was to see if this was something for us; we needed to make sure that if we started riding that it was gonna be something we wanted to continue so that’s how we made the decision to get the first bike. The initial investment on the two mongoose bikes was $300 and after we paid for the bikes we spent close to $700 on whether safe clothing and standard biking essentials. A few days of riding passed and all we spoke of was how we knew that we loved it and what would be our next step up of a bike? When we weren’t working, gaming, cycling we were stopping into various bike shops and window shopping online to find what we wanted while at the same time trying to discover what type of bike fit our specific needs in riding, yes there are so many types of bikes for various riding styles lol.

We decided that the best route to go when making our next purchase was to lean more towards a hybrid bike or a standard mountain bike series that wasn’t built strictly for heavy mountain courses. Many shops we visited were very nice and gave us much needed advice and none other than one of the shops were sales pushy; we were like kids in a candy store.

After a few visits to bike shops and a ton of searching online we had seen the bikes we knew fit us and upon seeing them well… we dreamed about them that night. Oh yes, we now dream about cycling lol, every night; though it’s an exciting thing to us. So after the dream we both started our day yesterday morning, and after a few hours into it I looked at my wife and said “how long are you working cause I’d like to go to the bike store?” she then said to me, “I was thinking the same thing!”; so we headed out the door within the next hour. We were giggling all the way to the Giant store as we laughed at each other about the cycling dreams, the happiness is real.

We arrived at Giant and our friend Dave started helping us to find the bikes we selected online, and he made sure what we picked out to fit our bodies and his focus wasn’t a price tag. We spent about 1.5 hours in the store picking out the bike, sizing the right fit and loading them up. I was so happy with my bike that I started riding it in the store, Dave was just laughing at me as he knew we were enjoying cycling so much; we even called a few of our sponsors to let them know. Thanks, Dave, I rode my bike straight to our starting spot so we could start our day trip while my wife brought the car and her bike to launch spot.

So yesterday, bike investment was $1,003.34, this is a lot bigger investment though let’s look at the difference in what we got. When we started to pick these new bikes the first thing we noticed was the weight difference, my first bike (Mongoose MTB) weighs 45 pounds and my new bike (Giant ATX) is 25 pounds. The V-Brake system on my Mongoose has had to continuously be adjusted since the day of purchase as the pads would continue (even with adjustments) to drag on the tires, my Giant ATX bike has disc brakes so there’s no change of drag on the bike. The Mongoose bike’s gear system is done by twisting the handles so in most of my ride I knock the chain off of the bike at least 3 times a day due to the vibration of the bike making the handles twist the gears to high and low by themselves. Giant doesn’t use the handle gear switching it has a gear clicker system that allows simple one click gear change back and forth and they can’t be knocked out of gear by simple vibrations from riding. These are just a few things that are very different between the bikes and then when we started riding the new bikes, we were in tears of joy.

Yesterdays ride on the new bike was amazing, we grinded out almost 12 miles like it was nothing; no drag on our wheels and we didn’t have to full time (nonstop) pedal to keep the bike moving. Even on downhill areas on the Mongoose bike, I had to continue pedaling the bike or it would stop on it’s on over a 10-foot area.

We’ve always said that ya get what ya pay for and we know that on down the line we will buy a 3rd bike and we already know it’s gonna have a heavy price tag; though we know that we will get what we put into it so we’re ready. We’ve found nothing but happiness in riding daily, and to feel how we feel about this ya cant put a price tag on it.


Thank you for reading and huge special thanks go out to our new friends in “Cycling Fun” facebook group for all the awesome sharing of riding pictures, riding stories, and their friendships.

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