DAWN OF DISEASE – Audio Premiere For Track “The Sky Is Empty”!


DAWN OF DISEASE – Audio Premiere For Track “The Sky Is Empty”!

DAWN OF DISEASE have already released some select previews of their upcoming Death Metal masterpiece Worship The Grave. Some say this might be the most intense death metal release of the year!
Now it’s time for some new heavy tunes and time to convince yourself that Dawn of Disease are death metal at its finest. Check out the track “The Sky Is Empty” HERE.


DAWN OF DISEASE front man Tomasz comments on the track:

“The Sky Is Empty” is one of the most melodic Dawn of Disease songs so far. It is filled with atmospheric lead guitars bringing melancholy and darkness to the listeners. Inspired by such great bands as Insomnium and DarkTranquillity we show that our music not only consists of relentless bluedgeoning but also of intensive breathtaking melodies that burn into one’s memory. Besides the lead guitars Tomasz’ vocals contribute to a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Concerning the lyrics we created a scenario of a time when all gods finally left mankind. So join us on our journey to the day when the sky is empty.”
Pre-Orders for Worship The Grave are now available HERE.
Here’s your chance for seeing DAWN OF DISEASE live:
08.07.2016 DE – Geiselwind / Out And Loud Festival
More tour dates and festival shows ready to be added soon!

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