Another day with a new Penny Dreadful Comic – a new episode of Preacher and some League of Legends and WoW

Penny Dreadful #1 Second Cover

Hey guys and gals, last night was an amazing night as some of our League of Legends team got rolling on some leveling. We spent a great deal of time working on our favorite characters through the night. We started up with VorpalBunni (Team Leader) until she had to head out to work, then BossBagel, Caurdite, Annika, I and another extra rolled through a ton of co-ops to get us prepared for leveling. My personal favorite characters in League of Legends are Jinx and Vi, I spend the most amount of time with Jinx.

After a long night playing some League of Legends, we ended it with an episode or two of one of our new favorite shows Preacher; another winner by AMC. Then we closed out the night with an episode or two of Orange is the New Black Season 4. This morning I woke with a strange quest to go out for a Sunday morning breakfast, all that know me would see right off the bat that this would be an adventure. I wanted some biscuits and gravy from somewhere nice so we headed out to a very packed place called U.S. Egg, and on the road trip there we jammed the song “The Loop Hole” by Garfunkel and Oats; this was funny on it’s own. After having an enjoyable breakfast we headed out to one of our favorite spots “Samurai Comics” to grab a few comics and window shop  for more of our favorite Funko Pop toys. We did pick up a very nice find “Penny Dreadful” #1 with a 2nd cover, I was excited as I’m collecting all of the comics from Penny Dreadful with every cover I can find.

I checked out a ton of the items on my wishlist from Harley Quinn comics, Suicide Squad New 52, The Walking Dead, Tank Girl, and a ton of others. Samurai tends to have a lot of what I collect and between them and Critical Threat Comics they can get me whatever I’m searching for. So after getting back from the Sunday morning quest, I did some cool lighting and macro settings to my new Corsair keyboard (K70 Lux), oh my stars I love this keyboard.

Upon all of my items to do today I had to look over the unedited version of an Interview with Suzanna Young which is the creator of “The Darkness of Ragnarrokk” game that is in development with our game development team here at WoodBangers Entertainment. The unedited version that we watched for almost 30 minutes in length was quite amazing, we cannot wait until the full release of this interview hits the net so everyone can see what a masterpiece she has been working on all this time.

Now what’s next on my plans of things to do on a Sunday like today? Well that would be spend my afternoon playing League of Legends and World of Warcraft with our family within The WoodShed, of course until the new episode of Preacher airs tonight. 🙂

Thanks for reading and we hope your day is awesome too.

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