Another day and still waiting on DreamHost

Well, we’d like to tell you things were moving forward but the honest response is DreamHost has still got us waiting on them. I did finally hear from the management with a possible solution and with that solution told me to reply so we could get started and that was two days ago and nothing, dead silence on their end as things continue to act up.

We can certainly say that no matter what DreamHost is doing all they can to avoid fixing this situation which in the long run will only push things into the direction they should’ve gone years ago; though we gave them the benefit of the doubt so many times.

We’re waiting on edge every day to start posting the news and start putting back some of our code but we cannot do anything until they reply so we know what to do, so we’re still on hold to get anything done; which is getting us even further behind. At this point, it is time to start putting some measures into place being that we have documented everything from day one.

If you’d like to lend a hand in any way to help keep things afloat while we figure things out feel free to drop us an email via the contact form or send a tip by (clicking here). If we don’t have a resolved issue with DreamHost by closing today then we will take matters in the needed direction to finally put a real fix to the issue though this is something we’ve been trying not to have to do but running out of time to hold off.

Thanks for the support and we will see you all tonight.

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