DAYSHELL, featuring Shayley “Dayshell” Bourget, formerly of Of Mice & Men, have signed to Spinefarm Records and will release their second album Nexus on October 7. Bourget shocked fans everywhere when he left Of Mice & Men in 2012 after three years and two albums and quickly formed DAYSHELL.
The band has dropped the brand new song “Car Sick.” Listen here.
“We would like to take a moment and proudly announce that DAYSHELL have officially signed with Spinefarm Records,” said Shayley Bourget. “Words can’t express how happy we are to continue making music and doing what we love. We are so happy to be apart of the Spinefarm family and can’t wait to see them work their magic and help have our music heard.
“On a side note, for those of you that didn’t know, Zack Baker is now our new official drummer. He killed it on the new album and we are stoked to have him with the Trio. so please show your support and welcome him to DAYSHELL with open arms!”
The band is also touring this September and October with I The Mighty, Artifex Pereo, and Picturesque.
9/8 – Sacramento, Calif. | The Boardwalk
9/10 – Portland, Ore. | Analog Cafe
9/11 – Seattle, Wash. | El Corazon
9/13 – Salt Lake City, Utah | Kilby Court
9/14 – Denver, Colo. | Cervantes
9/15 – Lawrence, Ks. | Jackpot
9/16 – St. Louis, Mo. | Fubar
9/17 – Chicago, Ill. | RiotFest
9/18 – Detroit, Mich. | The Shelter
9/20 – Columbus, Ohio | The Basement
9/22 – Toronto, Ontario | Hard Luck
9/23 – Worcester, Mass. | The Palladium
9/24 – New York, N.Y. | Webster Hall
9/25 – Philadelphia, Pa. | Voltage Lounge
9/26 – Baltimore, Md. | Sound Stage
9/27 – Charlotte, N.C. | The Rabbit Hole
9/28 – Atlanta, Ga. | Masquerade
9/30 – Jacksonville, Fla. | 1904 MusicHall
10/1 – Orlando, Fla. | Backbooth
10/2 – St. Petersburg, Fla. | Local 662
10/4 – Nashville, Tenn. | The End
10/5 – New Orleans, La. | House of Blues (Parish)
10/7 – Houston, Texas | Walters
10/8 – San Antonio, Texas | Jack’s Patio Bar
10/9 – Dallas, Texas | Sons of Hermann Hall
10/11 – Albuquerque, N.M. | Launchpad AD
10/12 – Phoenix, Ariz. | Pub Rock
10/13 – San Diego, Calif. | The Irenic
10/14 – Anaheim, Calif. | Chain Reaction
10/15 – San Francisco, Calif. | Bottom of the Hill

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