De-Void Launching 2 September 2016

De-Void Launching 2 September 2016


A lost colony on a distant planet.

An outpost of humanity, haunted by memories of madness and conspiracy.

A station crew no longer responding to communications.

Kiss Ltd and Pulsetense Games are pleased to announce the launch date for the highly anticipated ‘De-Void‘ has been set for 2 September 2016.

In the run up to launch, Pulsetense Games have also issued a great new video.

De-Void is a fantastic example of a game developed by a true indie dev studio – it is why we love indie studios!” commented Darryl Still, CEO of Kiss Ltd. “The game is innovative, fresh and challenging. More importantly, it has been developed by just one person, Baris Tarimcioglu with the help of a writer and group of talented amateur voice over artists.

Launching on  Steam and on all other leading retailers of digitally downloaded PC games on 2nd September 2016,  De-Void is a meditative first-person adventure game, where the player unravels the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a remote space colony crew.

Dispatched to solve the disappearance of the entire base crew and with the help of a protocol unit named Wilco, Human Resources Specialist Elizabeth Woolgather must follow the cues and piece together the jigsaw puzzle. As the pieces come together, a confrontation with a presence both ancient and impossibly vast becomes inevitable and unavoidable. As Elizabeth quickly discovers, sometimes knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

On the surface,  De-Void is a tale of humanity lost in the depths space, but beneath the surface lies a complex psychological story of conspiracy, betrayal, and madness.

There are no easy answers on Planet Ancyra.

Key gameplay features:

  • First Person Adventure Game
  • A vast story-based exploration game set across highly detailed space stations, alien forests, deserts, colony settlements and military installations.
  • Decipher the crews video, audio and text logs to discover and uncover a multi-layered background story.
  • Investigate the world through the eyes of Wilco, an A.I cyborg, sent to help you uncover the mystery of the missing colony.
  • Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and Controller support.

More information about De-Void can be found here:
Steam Page

About Kiss Ltd
Launched in 2012, Kiss Ltd is a full service digital distribution management company, enabling the independent development community to secure listings across multiple digital retail sites.  As a result of their rapid growth over the last 12 months, Kiss have recently add trade and consumer facing marketing & PR support to their offering, further enhancing the sales potential of their portfolio of titles.

Pulsetense Games
Pulsentense Games is an independent video game production studio with members from all around the world. The studio has released its first game, Solarix in April 2015. They specialise in the use of Unreal Technology to create realistic world whilst offering compelling gameplay and engaging narrative.

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