Wow one hell of a night dealing with What has happen to customer service? Have you ever tried to order a computer online? Well we have learned from personal experience not to do it with Now 6 hours into dealing with it has been a nightmare. Last night we went to to order a computer hoping to have one ordered and sent to a friend, here is how the process is so far.

We signed up for a account, we filled out the information, we got an account, then we tried to purchase thats when shit went bad. We made the call to Dell to find out their office hours after a 20 minute hold, then clicked the chat online. After 2 chat online attempts with several code issues in Dell’s website we finally got through to someone. We talked to the person in chat and told them what we wanted, they tried to sale us everything under the sun after repeatedly saying no, they continued to tell us how much we needed it. We got through the order and they said we will put this for 2 day delivery, well that cheered me up. A few minutes later they said they needed to call me to verify everything and of course I said yes. The phone rang and the person from was on the phone, she called out a few numbers for me to write down and told me I had to call the specific number the next morning to do the verification again. That process until this morning took 4 hours to make this purchase.

This morning was horrible, while on the road to see some friends I had to stop to make this call to once again verify my order. I made the call and gave them the order number along with all of my information and to my surprise, their response was we dont have that information on file. I went through multiple calls including speaking with a manager, and 2 hours later into this process “grrrrr” I cancelled the order with a manager and hung up. That manager was a complete “AssHole”! I spoke to the team at WoodBangers, and of course our attorneys; they said if I am going to write this review to try to attempt the order again to see if it happens.

I thought about it for a minute and called the same special number back, a lady answers the phone, she takes my order number “which was cancelled with the Asshole manager”. She puts me on hold for a few seconds, she calls my cell back to verify and the order was done. Such douche bags there at Dell that it took so many people to do the work of one person over a 5 minute call.

The order was processed and as I am finishing the call I asked about the 2 day delivery which I paid for. Her response is I see where you were billed for this but I cannot help in that department. The ending outcome is we got the order done and according to Dell 2 days from today is September 4th; Dell your customer service sucks, your product is just barely average. I will never make an order from ever again.

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