Derek (2012) Netflix TV-Series Review

Derek (2012) TV Series

A Netflix Original TV Series titled “Derek (2012– )” released in 2012 featuring Ricky Gervais we have have recently gotten to know about. Accidentally caught it on Netflix the other night, it has 7 episodes, and sadly it looks as that was it. We are fans of Ricky Gervais, he is a wonderful comedian; most of all we like his comedy within this TV Series, and another movie off of the top of my head is “The Invention of Lying”. His comedy is funny, and it is truly good in all situation, straight British styled comedy is awesome. Well we put on the first pilot of this show and at first we were stunned, it seemed as if it was a home movie film style; but the characters came to life really quickly. This series is about “Derek” being somewhat mentally challenged and working in a nursing home with the staff. It shows how they were all a family and pretty much all each other had or could depend on. This show is sad, funny, and has hit our tops when it comes to something beautiful in TV. Derek shows a great way that people should be towards one another, he is kind, loving, and forgiving. To see a show like this was a beautiful thing. We hope to see the 7th episode soon. If you get the time check out “Derek” it is on Netflix now, and we watched all 6 episodes available back to back and wished their were more.

Our Rating: 5 Stars of 5 star Rating

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