Diablo 3 on PlayStation – Review

Okay so I had a bit of time to check out Diablo 3 on the PlayStation versus PC, and honestly I think it is way too easy. Diablo has never been a real challenging game but it might as well now be a phone app. I flew through the quests, I didn’t read anything, I didn’t even focus on where I was supposed to go. I just went through the game anywhere I wanted to go and everything landed in my lap. I died two times leveling to 45 and all I had to do was push the triangle button to resurrect and it was back to full health ready to go.

Graphically the game rocks,it is just sad to see games which are to be Trivial dumbed down so much. I’ll probably play Diablo 3 on the PlayStation from time to time if I am very bored, but I won’t be adding this game to my Battle.net account. On the PC playing Diablo 3 it was a bit harder to play which gave it a little bit of a challenge, but the only hard part was navigating through the game. Again I played this game on PC and PlayStation without attempting to read, learn it, etc Just to see what it would be like. Diablo 3 on a PlayStation is playable for anyone of all ages and can be beat pretty easily with no common sense whatsoever. I give this game 3 stars because they did do a good job creating it, it’s just extremely too easy.

Well back to looking for a fun and challenging game.

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