Diodak LED – Product Review

Diodak LED – Product Review

A while back, I received a Lisa WoodBangers LED display that was crafted by Diodak. I love little light-up things like this, but it is hard to find nice ones that look good AND fit my tastes. I don’t want a dolphin that a million other people have. I do not want a “nightlight” or anything like that. I am picky about the stuff I get and put around my room. It has to fit my personality and fit with what I have in my room. The Lisa WoodBangers LED display is one that is all those.

This LED display is a nice, compact size that means I can fit it almost anywhere. The base is narrow and black. The issue I have with a lot of products similar to this is their bases are a weird shape or bulky and/or the wrong color(s): I do not want white or some bright color. The focus is supposed to be the display, not the base; having the base be black and narrow means your eyes focus on the display. The display has nice lines, nothing too bold or too narrow to make the artwork look odd, just right so that when the LED is on, the light shines through just right so that the artwork looks great. I love turning mine one from time to time in the evenings, having the soft white glow of it shining as I sit at my computer or watch TV. Oh! another great thing: NO CORDS! With so many cords and things plugged into the wall with the TV, PS3, computer thing and all that, I really do not have the space to have ANOTHER awkward cord in the way of things and another thing to juggle around and have to rearrange the things plugged into my power strip. Yes, I could move it to another part of the room where there is a plug…but that would mean moving my bed or a bookshelf to do that and it wouldn’t be where I wanted it sitting. No, I love the lack of a cord on this. Just pop in a couple batteries, flip it on, set it back in its place on my shelf and admire.

I have also had the pleasure of talking to Roger, the creator of Diodak, on a couple occasions. And though the conversion was brief and casual, he’s a very nice guy and it was a pleasure chatting with him. I highly recommend the LED displays by Diodak if you’re as picky as I am about your room decor or if you just really like cool LED and artwork. He has a large variety of designs already to choose from or you can even work with him to create something special, for an extra fee.

Check out Diodak.nl

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