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Hey, gang, sorry we hadn’t posted too many posts of the happenings here at Woodbangers Entertainment; but as most of you know it is because we have been so extremely busy. When the New Year came in, wow, everything went into overdrive. We’ve revamped all the sites and made a bunch of improvements and additions within The WoodShed and more. Here are some of the things we have done.

Recent Changes, Additions, and Integrations:

  • We now have Giphy integrated throughout The WoodShed for Blogs, Articles, Email, and just about everything.
  • We’ve integrated Curse as our Official Chat and Voice system.
  • We’ve restructured our instant messaging system.
  • We’ve added the services and shop area.
  • We’ve remodeled and expanded the following areas in The WoodShed (Bands, Events, Places, and more)
  • We’ve added Cosplayer Portfolios and Models area.
  • We’ve rebuilt the Fundraiser system so you may now start fundraiser campaigns.
  • We’ve added a referral system along with a monthly contest for referrals.
  • We’ve expanded and cleaned up the look of our Rewards, Points, and Member Reputation system.
  • We’ve built a weather system within member dashboards to keep up with your local forecast.
  • We’ve added a Tip Jar within the Dashboard for those that want to pitch in towards new things.
  • We’ve added a Links Database system so members can submit awesome URLs they want people to see.
  • We’ve added a business listings system for none members or The WoodShed to submit to or Contact.

That’s the short list of what we have done within our community and sites so far this month.

Now other things we’ve been working on are another story. I (Matty) have been working on character animation ideas for the game we are developing “The Darkness Of Ragnarokk“, while the creator “Suzanne Young” releases short stories about the characters (click here to see TDOR Short Stories). Oh and yes I do graphic design and animation, I’ve been creating art of all styles since I believe 2nd grade in school. On that note of doing animation, I’m currently working on re-educating myself in that field on new software’s to better another venture that we hope to do one day, maybe create an anime or a comic?

On my off time, I work on my personal YouTube Channel; currently just getting it really ready. I’ll be reviewing our various toys, action figures; and other things we collect. You can check out my YouTube by Clicking here, and if you’d like to support what I’m doing click here to become a Patreon.

Now this sort of sums up whats been going on, I’m sure I probably missed a few items; oh well lol. Thanks for reading and we appreciate the support.

About Matthew Blaine

Matty "MudShovel" Blaine enjoys anime, cycling, gaming, comics, music, movies, mountain biking, snowboarding, and so much more. He likes to let his family, friends, and the members of the WoodShed community know his thoughts on these things, and is the main writer and reviewer of the WoodBangers Entertainment website. All articles written that are reviewed by him are his 100% honest opinion because he doesn't believe in lying to those who trust him. He wants people to know that if that movie or game that all the critics are saying is great is really just overhypes Hollywood-spew or the real deal, so you don't waste your money and regret seeing or getting something. Remember, he's not getting paid to be another yes-man. He is not afraid to tell what he honestly thinks and feels about something. If it is great, there will be no doubt about it; if he doesn't like it, there will be zero doubt there. All reviews are HIS opinion and his opinion alone. They do not express the thoughts of everyone at WoodBangers, nor is he paid to write his reviews. If you disagree with his opinion and thoughts on something, that is fine, you are allowed to have your own opinion. If you take offense to his opinions, then please feel free to leave because he is not here to make everyone happy. He professionally writes and his reviews can be found on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, IGN, Crunchyroll, and many other sites. Also be sure to follow Matty on Steemit

Matty streams live game play on Twitch, talks about products in stream; and spends time with all of the community daily. He writes software, websites, and does server-side setup and securities for tons of companies. He has a ton of projects from building his YouTube Channel, promoting his local area (Scottsdale AZ), helping with game development, doing press for 15k Game Studios, doing press for 1k major record labels, well... this list just keeps going; what doesn't Matty do?

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