Fall is here and not too much longer and we will be heading out for snowboarding

Hey, gang, it’s been a very busy time lately for us and snowboard season is coming so quick. Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing a ton of cycling in our off-work hours and of course healing our muscles when and where we can. We’ve also been streaming here and there when we had the time playing Overwatch and a few other games with friends. Time seems to be going faster as we ponder how we’d prefer to proceed from this point.

We’ve slowed down on doing news for others, especially music news. We’ve been passing up all of the music news sent to us to distribute due to the content. We love promoting or sharing news about the music of today’s generation or that’s relevant to our readers or of interest to us’ we’ve just got sent so much from bands that are literally from the 80’s era that we lost interest.

Every morning was like waking up to hear that bands like Quiet Riot released a new album, all we could think of was why? So as the news came in each day like that we decided that’s enough so we stopped.

As for movies and TV, this year has literally been the year for crappy films’ probably the worst year in history. We’ve seen all the new movies and honestly got tired of writing about them as we couldn’t think of anything good to say. We don’t like writing bad reviews, we look at every angle before we write and give everything a chance; 90% of the movies this year flopped so we decided it was better to not share our opinion on a lot of them to avoid posting more negativity about the films.

TV shows, well being that almost every good show gets canceled and they continue to make season after season of the crappy shit; we don’t write about shows. We only mention from time to time if something really gets our attention, too many times a show is amazing and the next thing you know the channel shut it down to give us shows like “oops this show is good and cost us less to make”.

Game news and why we’re not writing much lately. Let’s be very honest they’re aren’t many original games lately; most are copies or re-skins of another. I know only 2 games of real interest which are The Last of Us 2 and Detroit: Become Human; I can’t think of any other games coming out that are worth my time or that I have any interest in.

Putting social in games has made games less fun, it’s gave an on screen chat that allows the gamer to watch so much ignorant and abusive chat going on that cant be shut off; take Overwatch for example. Some of the things said in game chat should land some of those people with charges but nothing is being done. Between the disgusting chat and the cheating gaming has become a sick joke that takes no skill or effort. We do play games and stream but it’s rare to find any good decent people in a game to have any fun.

Stepping outside of the spectrum:

We’ve been spending more time enjoying life than assisting the world with regurgitating shit. My wife and I have been riding mountain bikes and exercising a lot. We’ve made it a goal for ourselves to participate in next year’s Ironman events, hopefully all three of the levels but at least one.

So things have changed, we do post and share stories on the same topics or items we enjoy, but we don’t post as often due to the real world stuff going on. If you’re a Patreon then you’ll see a post or two after we do a ride or a swim etc, huge thanks goes out to our Patrons.

Our goal is to spend more time over this next year riding bikes to get to road bike level, swimming, running, and of course snowboard through the winters months.

Over the last month my shoulder has been healing from over working out, doctor says it could take months but I’m not letting it stop us from going forward. Over the weekend we spent it at Ironman 70.3 supporting all of the awesome athletes and in the process picked up an awesome IRest Massager to shock my muscles into place. Yesterday I wore the Irest and within an hour a lot of the pain went away; so far so good.

From wearing out muscles to my vision going out, everyday we tend to focus on enjoyment for ourselves in life than spending time on things that do not interest us. We figure if things go the way they are then within the next year or two I may not have the sight to sit at my desk and write articles or code, so we’re not wasting it with news from other sources.

It’s time to get our day started, we will post as we have the time; thanks goes out to our Patreons.

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Matty "MudShovel" Blaine enjoys anime, cycling, gaming, comics, music, movies, mountain biking, snowboarding, and so much more. He likes to let his family, friends, and the members of the WoodShed community know his thoughts on these things, and is the main writer and reviewer of the WoodBangers Entertainment website. All articles written that are reviewed by him are his 100% honest opinion because he doesn't believe in lying to those who trust him. He wants people to know that if that movie or game that all the critics are saying is great is really just overhypes Hollywood-spew or the real deal, so you don't waste your money and regret seeing or getting something. Remember, he's not getting paid to be another yes-man. He is not afraid to tell what he honestly thinks and feels about something. If it is great, there will be no doubt about it; if he doesn't like it, there will be zero doubt there. All reviews are HIS opinion and his opinion alone. They do not express the thoughts of everyone at WoodBangers, nor is he paid to write his reviews. If you disagree with his opinion and thoughts on something, that is fine, you are allowed to have your own opinion. If you take offense to his opinions, then please feel free to leave because he is not here to make everyone happy. He professionally writes and his reviews can be found on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, IGN, Crunchyroll, and many other sites. Also be sure to follow Matty on Steemit

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