We’re finalizing testing with out NEW Points System in The WoodShed

We’ve been working on the NEW Points system within The WoodShed over the passed few weeks, and we’re almost ready for the launch. Now those of you that hang in the Twitch Channel are aware of our WoodyCash System, and those in The WoodShed are aware of the Points; well we have made a ton of cool new features within the two.

Our Points system (once launched) has been fully revamped which offers our members the ability to use those points to purchase physical items within the Rewards area. Items that will be available to purchase with points range from Funko Pop Toys, T-Shirts, Posters, Buttons, Steam Cards, World of Warcraft Cards, and much more. We’ve decided to make the items available based on the months theme, so if the month was themed for “Suicide Squad” and you ordered a Funko Pop Toy; the item you’d receive would be a random Funko Pop that is based on Suicide Squad. We will also open a ticket area where members can put in a request for specific themes for a future month.

Within the new Points system you can also use your points to cover monthly subscriptions to access our game servers, to write articles, and so much more. Everyday is a new day going forward with our beautiful family within The WoodShed.

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