Finally the wait is over – Game of Thrones is back

Oh yes, finally! Of course, our friends noticed that we weren’t live streaming or gaming in the late afternoon yesterday and it is due to the same reason they weren’t at their computers either lol; we were all watching “Game of Thrones”.

Game of Thrones is one of a lot of awesome shows that we enjoy and it is probably within our top 10, it returned yesterday with the new season and things are looking to be very good. I remember about 2 years ago a lot of our followers were asking us why we didn’t watch Game of Thrones as they pushed and pushed for us to start, we’re thankful we did now but the reasons we weren’t still hadn’t changed. GOT is an awesome TV Show, the characters and cast members bring everything to the screen in such a realistic aspect it’s very enjoyable. Following each story within the show is the most incredible and interesting as to how well the show is held together, but yes we’re now die hard fans of Game of Thrones, we actually collect a ton of memorabilia on GOT and we own every DVD on top of that.

So now that Game of Thrones is back it won’t be long till all of our other shows start to kick off like:

  • The Walking Dead
  • Silicone Valley
  • Vikings

Well, this could be a very long list, lol; but you get my point. It has saddened me to see that a lot of very good shows just got dropped instead of continuing like the TV Series “Vinyl”, this was an awesome series that only got 1 season.

Well, now that we’ve watched Game of Thrones last night, tonight will be filled with tons more gaming and we hope to see you all there in the stream chat; till then have an awesome day and thanks for reading.

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