Firewatch – Game Review

So another “walking simulator” 🙁 … But before you judge, let me tell you this game builds up the tension right. After a some exposition “Henry” ( your character) is dropped in Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming as a volunteer fire watcher. Your only interaction is with a walkie-talkie with your supervisor Delilah the games dedicated quest giver as you explore your portion of the park picking up beer cans checking out dangerous caves and chasing off skinny dippers. The game runs off the Unity engine and the graphic art design has that Bioshock Infinite style that we have seen before but the story really grabbed me I would complete one day and a new area would open up and I couldn’t wait to see what was lurking around there. I really wanted to find out what happened at the end I felt invested in the story something that doesn’t happen often with games like this. So if your looking for a great story and have 20 bucks to spend give Firewatch a go you wont be disappointed it tells a story and does it well with a great balance of humor and suspense. I have recorded my game play of it and will start publishing a  “Let’s Play” of it soon.


Game ON!